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TweetDeck : Nobody feels 100% daily. Because it’s not realistic. We’re all going through problems.”

We spend the night at Camp Crystal Lake with our friend Simon Miller in the new episode of Games Are Good for You.


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TweetDeck : this is why you should always answer your phone Simon Miller...

RIP Adam Clery 6̸̹̰̦̺͉̣̤̥̜̘̒͐͆6̵̰͎̀͗̃͑͊͌͠6̵͖̅̓̀́̽̓̇͒̚b̸̧̡̡̝̦̪̗̠̮̆͛̓͐̈̊0̷͔̙̼̩̗̠͉̈̾̓͂̌̈̏͝͝0̵͍̇

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iPhone : Also, the greatest character in history is The Undertaker. If this is it, every comeback, every sit up and every lightning bolt was the coolest thing ever when I was a kid.

Plus I’ll never not laugh w/ glee when I see Kane slam him through his parent’s graves 😂. #ThankYouTaker

iPhone : On paper #SurvivorSeries should be fire! Even though next week all the matches will have been forgotten about 😂!

Enjoy, my friends 👍.

iPhone : Genuinely our favourite quiz of the lockdown era has just gone up on the channel so try your luck on the hardest #SurvivorSeries quiz ever! It also includes this absolutely incredible moment. Guess what happened:

iPhone : This was taken 4 years ago at a WCPW show. Imagine I had tweeted it and said “In 3 years this man will help start a huge, competitive wrestling company.” No one would have believed it!

Bet on yourself. Go after your dreams. Be like Cody!

iPhone : I was watching Retro Ups and Downs and paused it for breakfast with my three boys. One of my boys asked me if that was Mr. Incredible on the screen, the older boy said no that was a robber. I told them it was Repoman... So my kids think Simon Miller is Repoman. Good Day!

iPhone : “You will always be my favourite number two”. - Roman Reigns on SmackDown to Drew McIntyre.

Sounds like my parents talking to me, but man, The Tribal Chief is on fire!

iPhone : Jack The Jobber It’s 100% them taking their own insecurities and throwing them at you because they’re stupid assholes who refuse to take ownership.

I think you rock, Jack 👍. And I realise that makes me sound about 78 years old...