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Bio I play games and occasionally send whiny tweets to game developers.

OK, mostly World of WarCraft, and more like *frequently* send whiny tweets.

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Twitter Web App : WarcraftDevs I'm usually one of the people giving you grief, but even I understand that you have to prioritize what content to work on. I think some of my fellow players have unrealistic expectations when it comes to things like getting more customization options so soon.

Twitter Web App : WarcraftDevs Ideally, how many attempts do you think it should take a reasonably-skilled player to complete layer 8 of the Twisting Corridors, and to what degree should a failed attempt depend on randomness? e.g. lack of "good" powers, floors that yield little phantasma, etc.

Twitter Web App : WarcraftDevs I am desperately trying to complete the Twisting Corridors layer 8, but the affixes that spawn enemies when the player is not in combat are spawning when I'm combat. Is it no longer possible to use combat with mawrats to prevent these spawns?

Twitter Web App : Consider reinstating this type of world quest with the added complexity of enemy abilities akin to those of MoP rares/vignettes. Killing one enemy might be simple design, but it doesn't have to be *easy*, especially prior to getting geared up.

Twitter Web App : WarcraftDevs On world quest design in future zones, we know that you dislike the "kill this one elite enemy" WQ design and moved away from it, but we liked it. It felt efficient to us, but it was also *fun* because we *enjoy* popping dps cooldowns and executing our rotations.

Twitter Web App : Ian Bates I'm halfway--I want a REMORSE arc but not redemption. I want Sylvanas to realize how badly she screwed up and accept the consequences.

Twitter Web App : Netflix Adding Stargate: SG-1 was great, but you need to acquire Stargate Atlantis. Watching both concurrently is a bit important in the later seasons of SG-1.