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TweetDeck : Playing VALORANT, victory, game then tries to put me into post game match info and bluescreen on the dxgmms1.sys driver..... yay... thats a DirectX driver.

TweetDeck : Alienware monitor, no dead pixels (woo) and doesn't have the same issue as the Acer Predator one has.

The Acer Predator monitor issue I feel could be fixed via a firmware update, also potentially remaining in limited colour range might solve it as well.

TweetDeck : Painful when finally get delivery info update and its scheduled for 6:45pm ~ 10pm.

Was hoping to get the monitor early, test it, see if it has same issue as the other and then work on final spotlights for Nocturne, Irelia and Senna.

Guess I'm doing that tomorrow.

TweetDeck : Giani Georgian Differences, Viewing Angles and Colour Accuracy.

TN will always have bad viewing angles if you're not facing it directly infront, colour accuracy can be on par with IPS but a lot of the time its weaker. Their response times are faster though but IPS has caught up with overdrive

TweetDeck : Monitor issues are so confusing to me, Limited or Full range, it has same contrast ratio and colour accuracy but in full range specific images will make the panel freak out and cause image retention/persistence.

Its like its reconverting the signal or something?

TweetDeck : Abd Kayge Amazon with the good old, "We don't care" returns policy rofl

Slowly working out weird things about my issue, its a limited vs full dynamic range issue but the monitor is treating colours the same limited or dynamic with same contrast range.

Kinda weird....