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iPhone : 😂😂😂#TWGRP Alexander Bolton is on what planet? Seniors got their stimulus first and cutting the payroll tax will help young & middle age workers! Dimms are the SS money thieves!! apple.news/AL_EMqrHkSN-64…

iPhone : Joe Biden Picks First Black Woman VP?..

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iPhone : Darius Sessoms—a black man, went up to Cannon Hinnant, a 5 year old white boy and murdered him in cold blood in front of his 2 young sisters

If the races were reversed it would be national news

The activist media is ignoring this because it doesn’t fit their narrative


iPhone : I’m am just so thankful. We won big tonight in the MN5 primary.

Now, we face Ilhan Omar in November.

Voters will elect me because they know I will focus on the community, not a celebrity status.

Please retweet and contribute to my campaign below. secure.winred.com/lacy-johnson-f…

iPhone : Biden/Harris is a vote 4 Antifa, BLM the Organization, SOCIALISM, & MARXISM. Complete lawlessness. Government control over everything. No Oolice, no law and order. Venezuela is the new way. NO FREAKING WAY! We are AMERICANS! Donald J. Trump is your only choice!

iPhone : Yesterday, the people of Minnesota's 5th district sent a clear message.

They want a leader who will fuel real change that will lead our communities towards a better future.

That's why I am honored to be the Republican nominee who will defeat Ilhan Omar at the polls in November!

iPhone : With a straight face, Biden just said President Trump has been coddling terrorists around the world.🧐After Biden advised AGAINST taking out Bin Laden, now he’s ignoring that it was Pres. Trump who had Soleimani & al-Baghdadi killed, the ISIS caliphate eliminated, and far more.

iPhone : This BRILLIANT Trump campaign ad
IF YOU SUPPORT Donald J. Trump

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iPhone : Laura’s primary election is exactly 6 days away!

We need to raise as much money as possible before August 18th so I can hit the ground running for the General Election to unseat Lois Frankel!

Please donate $5 or more today.

Thank you!

Donate! 👇🏾

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