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iPhone : This. Two pretty substantial ‘what if’ moments. I also feel England would have done better at the World Cup in 2006 had he not got the injury weeks before…

Twitter Web App : And I don't want to be morbid so sorry for sharing this again, but my dad loved him too. Probably his last ever favourite player. Because of that, he's always synonymous with one of my saddest ever moments at a football match, which gets a mention here…

Twitter Web App : Very lucky to have seen Wayne Rooney play so often. Those earlier years were the best for me. You never knew if he'd smash a volley in from 30 yards or get sent off for clattering someone and screaming fuck off in the ref's face. That uncertainty made it all the more exciting

Twitter Web App : The Newells Futsal team were promoted to the top division in Argentina last night. Just a few seasons ago, they were a fourth division side.

Imagine the scenes if there had been fans at the court. This is the reaction they normally get:

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Twitter Web App : We seem to be very close to the point where the people who promoted Brexit will be blaming the people who voted for Brexit that Brexit happened.

iPhone : Ben Armstrong It’s fine mate. I wasn’t upset! A lot of folk are reading a hell of a lot into it though, but this is Twitter and why am I surprised? 🙃

iPhone : Crimsonking123 Yes, ta. But also - as much as I don’t want this to happen - if celebrating goals is really this much of a problem, postpone games. It’s all for show.

iPhone : Sea shanty tiktok is WILD

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iPhone : Josh Hahaha. Now I really want to write a 2,000 piece on applying Premier League protocols to the Night Garden

iPhone : Si Lloyd The state of this. If they’re going to celebrate every time they leave Squirrel Club, instead of hugging each other they should unveil T-shirts saying: Stay at Home; Protect the NHS; Save Lives