Chance Morris 6’0” IQ 187 (@Sodapoppintv )

Chance Morris 6’0” IQ 187

Bio I am usually just thinking out loud when I tweet don’t take my srsly u fking sub humans. business
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Twitter Web App : I dont feel like streaming rust atm, but a skin was made live for the kittens and the drops were on my channel. I streamed it for 2 hrs but they now made it a drop for most everyones channel since I have no interest in streaming Rust which is awesome, just fillin yall in.

iPhone : I’m out here cleaning up trash in the ocean and some hot babe just asked if I wanted to “deep sea dive into her pussy tonight.” I’m like “girl lmao I’m trying to save the world I can’t just be having sex with u atm tbh lmao” then she threw a wrapper on the floor. Bitches be crazy

Twitter Web App : just an artist, running an art museum, crashed helicopter, cats sued me, court blew up, fought to the death in a coliseum, woke up, it was all a dream (?)

iPhone : Lmeow I’ve loved my rust exp so far. The low amount of ppl I’ve seen has given me time to actually learn the game from the ground up since I’ve never played before. But also the ppl I have gotten to see have been great. So far I seem to be liking rust more than every1 else lmeow.

Twitter Web App : The explosion that rocked the entire server

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