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iPhone : RaisedInTheBars Right on. I’m keeping a close eye on it. I’m ready to sell though. The deeper I dive into the tech, it’s just not interesting to me

iPhone : Jesse Malone Looks good. I’m so unsure about $oxt. I don’t know if it’s the beginning of a big dip...or if it’s heading up. I’m not sold on the tech. $mana has been a huge let down for me...and the tech is more than uneventful.

iPhone : James Did you get this figured it out? I’ve been curious about the user experience

Twitter Web App : Rock and roll. dApp. Claim created. Transaction dispatched to custom Proof of Existence pallet. #Substrate docs are awesome. Did some frontend work upgrading React. I think its worthwhile to start building out Storybook for the community. #crypto #tech #dot $dot Polkadot #dev

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Twitter Web App : Any #Polkadot-literate music-minded #Houdini masters out there (with a portfolio to prove it) who fancy working on a 6 month project? DM me.

Twitter Web App : gahhh all night ive been trying to get this custom pallet to build. SUCCESS. Lets see if I can get this frontend setup tonight. On that note, Im looking for projects in the #crypto space that need help with React/Frontend. #polkadot $dot #tech #software #substrate #rust #react

iPhone : Check out my new video!


▢️ Watch it here: youtube.com/watch?v=IMnTr_…

Im sleepy. See you all tomorrow πŸ‘‹

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iPhone : The open interest on @Chainlink futures contracts has hit an all-time high of $287 Million.



Twitter Web App : Should Twitch use #dogecoin as a payment service? 100% yes!
Let’s ask popular streamers about $DOGE and its role in game industry. Do #streamers want to get payments in $DOGE #crypto? What about triple gains (from $10000 to $30000) for a week?
Go ahead and ask!
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iPhone : Nithya I think it can...that’s my problem. I had a shot at like $1.01 haha...before that too, but I just figured it would dip. Chart now looks like it could cool down to $1..but it’s a hard read