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Android : Harris 2009: "if we take a show of hands of those who would like to see more police officers on the street, mine would shoot up."

Harris 2020: "it is status-quo thinking to believe that putting more police on the streets creates more safety. Thatโ€™s wrong."

Phony Kamala Harris!

Android : โ€œPhony Kamalaโ€ & โ€œSlow Joeโ€: New Trump Campaign ad gives Bidens VP pick a new nickname.

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Android : Slow Joe and Phony Kamala.

Perfect together.
WRONG for America!

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Android : Didnโ€™t Kamala Harris call Joe Biden a racist and say she believed Joe Bidens accusers?

Why yes, why yes she did.

Phony Kamala.

Android : Phony Kamala Harris NEVER stood a chance!

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Android : Might as well switch the hashtag to #HarrisBiden2020 because we all know phony Kamala and her radical leftwing friends will be calling all of the shots in a Biden Administration, not slow Joe!

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Android : Remember all of the uproar about the Central Park five? Well, as CA. Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris prevented DNA evidence in case after case, which resulted in some innocent people being put on death row!

Vice President Mike Pence Mike Pence is going to have a field day!

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Android : President Donald J. Trump: โ€œI wiped out ISISโ€

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Android : President Donald J. Trump: I think they should play College Football this year


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Android : President Donald J. Trump has been far tougher on Russia than Obama & Biden ever were

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Android : President Donald J. Trump: China and Iran are hoping I am defeated

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