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If you dont do politics, politics will do you

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Twitter Web App : If you touch two CLEAN blocks of the same metal together in space, they weld!
Atoms in solid metals move a bit. Touch two clean surfaces together, and the atoms can't tell they're in different blocks so they become one group of atoms, ie ONE SOLID.
(Gif: homemadetools.net/forum/cold-wel…) pic.twitter.com/WAfv3VwhnX

Twitter Web App : “Irreversible climate breakdown is proceeding as scientists have long predicted,” Peter Kalmus told Earther in an email. “We are in the process of losing Earth as we used to know it.”

I'm so done mincing words.

Twitter Web App : I told BBC Newsnight that lining up 2 Oxford professors to give opposing messages on face coverings with a “scientists can’t agree” storyline was irresponsible journalism and will cost lives. At the very least they should have been honest with us about the set-up. I am sickened. twitter.com/trishgreenhalg…

Twitter Web App : Everyone I know who has switched from office working to home working says they are more productive at home, and have more free time because no commmuting. Wonder how the gov have collated their facts on offices being more productive?

Twitter Web App : Andrea Leadsom - It was made very clear, in 2016, that people would lose their jobs in the event of a no-deal. 😮

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Twitter Web App : Quentin Letts I don't think requiring people to wear a mask is to encourage them to shop, it's meant to stop transmission of the coronavirus and save lives.

Twitter Web App : #BorisJohnson actually said he’s ordering people back to work because they’re enjoying #lockdown too much?
Some people haven’t seen family & friends for months, have worked throughout, have lost loved ones to the virus.
What’s he done other than holiday while #Cummings kills?