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Twitter Web App : In Minneapolis, rioters set fire to over 150 buildings, and damaged another 1500+. Many businesses were also looted. And this is just one city in America, many others face similar circumstances. So yeah, people buying guns en masse makes a lot of sense. The gun debate is dead...…

Twitter Web App : Maybe overly aggressive policing issues just shouldn't be turned into a fucking race one, and boiling it down as such will prevent any real progress from being made. These arguments are going nowhere. The media just wants division cuz it's good for their ratings.

Twitter Web App : OMG, shut up

Trump wasnt wrong, more whites are killed by police, but the media is also right in that black people are more likely when one takes into account population statistics. The media is taking a separate argument to oppose another, but really, both sides are right.

iPhone : Would anyone be opposed to using pedophiles to advance the greater cause? As a species we need to colonize space, but space travel is dangerous & we need to test what works. So let’s use pedos as lab rats. Will radiation on the way to Mars kill humans, I know one way to find out

iPhone : I almost never get bothered by insults cuz not only do my friends dunk on me harder than my enemies, but I go harder on myself than them, too. If victim culture warriors learned to take/make jokes about themselves, they’d function much more than they do now.

Life hack: loosen up

iPhone : Doc 18 of 2020: The Toys that Made Us

Finished watching all available episodes & I really dig this show. It’s nice tv to just pick up & chill with, also it very much gave me a nostalgia boner. I wouldn’t call it deep or must see, but it’s fun nonetheless. Catchy theme song, too