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Bio Labour & ACORN member🌹2019 parliamentary candidate for Rother Valley & current Sheffield City Councillor. She/her.
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Android : £42,246.
That's how much money I've paid in rent since I moved out my mum's house.
Imagine if instead of using that to pay off other people's second houses I could use it to start buy one of my own.

Reckon it's probably not lattes and avocados that are the issue here lads.

Android : Beyond proud to have the support of the mighty Unite the union: join a union in my re-election campaign.

Industrially and politically, their young members continue to be a force for change and I really hope to work with them as closely as we have - for another two years.
#LaraForNEC 🤝

Android : Council housing over social housing. Every time.

Residents at the infamous Park Hill are being faced with an unreasonable bills increase during a pandemic. Sign the petition to help fight back 👇👇👇…

Android : 🗞 Check out this great piece featuring ACORN and the tenants getting organised during the Coronavirus crisis. #HousingIsHealth…

Android : Were preparing to resist a surge evictions when the temporary ban ends in August - come along to our Quarterly General Meeting and get involved!


Full details here:…

Android : Absolutely appalling that workers are still intimidated and harassed for speaking out against exploitation. Doesn't matter how much better we think society is now than in the past, bosses will always put profit before the wellbeing of workers!…

Android : Sheffielders are proud of their international city. The government should stop listening to fringe right-wing organisations.

To tackle global poverty we need DFID to be a properly staffed department in its own right, not face merger with the Foreign Office 🇬🇧 & £2bn cuts. 👇🌍

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Android : Disgusting. What an appalling way to treat the eldest people in our society after all they have been through this year.
Shame on the BBC. 👇…

Android : The top marginal tax rate (on income over £150,000) is 45% today.

During the Second World War it was 90%.

The government wants some Blitz Spirit? Ok then - let’s have it.

Tax the wealthy and give pay rises to key workers.

Android : A third of all those in prison are on drug related offenses. Legalising and regulating is a no brianer…

Android : I can't be the only person who thinks it's wrong to give discounts to people who can afford to eat out while there is a record number of people using food banks. I don't think this should even be a left/right issue. This is basic human decency. #Letthemeatcake

Android : Awful to see these employers trying to intimidate workers bravely speaking out about the terrible conditions they’re made to work in during a pandemic. The way more workers will feel comfortable doing the same is by coming together in solidarity through a union ✊🏽…

Android : No stamp duty if you can afford to buy a home. Cheaper dinner if you can afford to dine out in restaurants.

But nothing to ease the pangs of anxiety if you’ve recently lost your job, are facing eviction from your home, or are using foodbanks every week just to survive. Cool.