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Android : When the story broke about Russia offering bounties for the killing of American troops, any Commander in Chief with a shred of decency would do something—anything—to let our troops know they are protected.

17 days later & still nothing from Donald Trump.

Android : Tucker Carlson's words about the resignation of his head writer said a lot less than his announcement that he was taking the rest of the week off for a long-planned fishing trip.

Android : A coalition of media companies, including the Star Tribune, filed a motion Monday chastising the court for withholding two body camera videos recorded by police officers the night George Floyd was killed, and called for their immediate release. strib.mn/3iUc2sx

Android : Tucker Carlson announces at end he’s trout fishing and will be away for next four days!

He says trip was long planned

All Fox hosts say that when they’re suspended or execs want them to get out of dodge to let things blow over.

Android : Trump loses again:

Citing "public right to know," New York judge Hal Greenwald denied the Trump crime family’s effort to stop the release of Mary Trump’s book.

Mary Trump is now free to speak publicly about just how deranged, depraved, and criminally corrupt her uncle is.

Android : I’m certain Trump will pardon WH staff, his cabinet, his family, select R members of Congress & R governors & all his rich friends who have stolen taxpayer $ by, among other things, the great PPE grift. That’s why we need the #TrumpCrimesCommission #TheTrumpTrials to undo it all. twitter.com/caragal_/statu…

Android : Whenever Trump suggests that a silver bullet vaccine for the virus is getting close, I’m reminded of how during the final months of World War II, Nazi leaders continously promised that they were about to unleash a miracle weapon that would save the German people from total defeat

Android : What has really started to irritate me the most, outside of the blatant and leering disregard for human life and disrespect for the rule of law, is just how pleased these people are with their little rhetorical games they play with their lies.

It is...maddening. twitter.com/atrupar/status…

Android : Ex-CIA officer Douglas London: "The president must explain to the American people, and especially to those who risk their lives for their country and our families, why he continues to abide Russian threats to our troops, our security and our democracy." nytimes.com/2020/07/12/opi…

Android : As this virus rampages through our country like nowhere else in the world, Donald J. Trump’s only solution?

Telling us to live with it.

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Android : Happy Monday friends. Remember this story from...a week ago. Russia paid bounties for the lives of American troops. And in response, Trump, pardoned Roger Stone. twitter.com/joshscampbell/…

Twitter Web App : A visit to Lake Street with Matt Dumba.

Please consider supporting Matt with his initiative to help the Lake Street Council rebuild Lake Street.

More information and to donate » rebuildminnesota.com


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Android : A coal lobbyist runs the EPA.

An automaker lobbyist runs the Department of Energy.

An oil lobbyist runs the Department of Interior.

A firearms lobbyist is in charge of gun policy.

This is the most corrupt Administration in the history of the republic. No contest.

Android : The last three Republican presidents on Fauci:

George H.W. Bush: Calls him a hero at a 1988 presidential debate.

George W. Bush: Awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Fauci.

Trump: Irritated at the good press Fauci gets. Pitches oppo to reporters on Fauci.