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iPhone : It took me THIS LONG to realize that I can grite an extra thank you on the postcards I include in the packages...

iPhone : Can't wait for the Book 3 of Daddy manga, did u started doing it?? — Yes
It’s called Shitty Daddy and counts as the third part…

iPhone : Look at my babies!!!

Next order I’m making Endeavor taller (and Ares a bit too) so they look “more accurate” all together :B

Gosh I’m in love! 😭 look at Twice!!

iPhone : MOUSEPADS Preorders are open now! Along with more new fun stuff!
After they close I may not restock for a long while!


And if needed, the FAQ…
Thank you!!!

iPhone : Who should I start the traditional ✏️ drawings with? 🧑🏻‍🎨
(They’re 5 but Twitter only lets me have 4 options xD)

iPhone : I made a super small batch of these standees but I’ll be reordering some more, if you’re interested! They’re in my store available for preorder too!

iPhone : In relation to the other question about percy and poseidon, was poseidon actually lust crazed or just jealous of … — Both, he always tried his best to control himself for Percy and then he finds out Percy is fucking Ares and he we……

iPhone : How did Percy and Poseidon's first fuck go? — Very roughly, Poseidon was mad with lust. Desperate to show Percy that he was the best for him…

iPhone : Shannon🐁 The idea that they hate each other by day but sleep together by night it’s a big brain concept to me. Specially if I’m considering the fact that they wouldn’t hesitate to kill each other xD

iPhone : What was percy's reaction/thought on being eyed upon by ares and poseidon? — In my hc it was Ares who noticed how Percy eyed him and took advantage of that. However Percy very much enjoys to know that the god of war cant resist hi……

Twitter Web App : Isaac :DD Espero que disfrutes de ver a estos tres!! Mi idea para el proximo es mas Thor y Scott a ver que tal!

iPhone : OHHHH! I got accepted into a Greek myths zine!!! This’ll be my chance to draw my own Ares.... and I’m terrified!