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Bio Proud mom of 2 wonderful sons, Grandma to 4 beautiful grands. lover of books & music. Always stand strong for my beliefs. Mean people suck!
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Twitter for iPad : Tonight President just used a Bible and a church of my diocese as a backdrop for a message antithetical to the teachings of Jesus and everything that our church stands for. To do so, he sanctioned the use of tear gas by police officers in riot gear to clear the church yard. 1/1

Twitter for iPad : They arrested thousands of people to avoid arresting four.
They arrested thousands of people to avoid arresting four.
They arrested thousands of people to avoid arresting four.
They arrested thousands of people to avoid arresting four.
They have YET to arrest the other three.

Twitter for iPad : LIKE JOHN LENNON. SAID........IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE LIVING LIFE IN PEACE ☮️..... This Clip..believe it or not... it breaks my ❤️ 😢😢😢

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Twitter for iPad : Trump had protesters attacked because he thought he looked weak after it was reported he was hiding in his bunker the other night. I’m not joking. That’s actually why he did it.

Twitter for iPad : Let us be clear about what happened today. Donald J. Trump threatened to send the military to “dominate” protestors, his advisors referred to our streets as the “battlespace,” and he ordered the military to use force on peaceful demonstrators so he could stage a photo op.

Twitter for iPad : Tweeting Javy Báez videos every day until baseball returns day 80/?

Javy launches a homer to center back in 2018, his third straight game with a dinger. #cubs

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Twitter for iPad : The President just declared war on millions of Americans and the 1st Amendment. He is the greatest threat to the American way of life in our history.

Twitter for iPad : It is Tuesday, June 2, 2020. One citizen, I call for the removal from office by any legal means, the impeached fascist Donald J Trump as President of the United States. Please RT fellow citizens and pass it on. #Resist #TheResistance Donald J. Trump


Twitter for iPad : Hey, peeps? Don't get trapped responding to an outrageous tweet. I've done it, and feel stupid. Check how many followers. They usually have zero-10 followers.

Twitter for iPad : Trump is putting up an eight foot tall fence around the park outside the White House right now in the dark of night. Because he’s the weakest coward ever.

iPhone : This is how much Trump cares about the church he visited. They didn't know he was coming, and he didn't talk to them before he left. This was propaganda through and through.…

iPhone : He's using the American military against the American people.

He tear-gassed peaceful protesters and fired rubber bullets.

For a photo.

For our children, for the very soul of our country, we must defeat him. But I mean it when I say this: we can only do it together.…