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TweetDeck : NL, Lowest ERA on Single Day - All-Time (minimum 5 starts)

Warren Spahn - August 15, 0.40
Carlos Zambrano - June 5, 0.49
Tom Glavine - April 7, 0.49…

Twitter Web App : On this date in 1932, Lou Gehrig hit 4 home runs and Tony Lazzeri hit for the cycle for the New York Yankees in a 20-13 win over the As.

It is the only time in MLB history a 4-homer game and a cycle have occurred on the same day, let alone by teammates in the same game.

Twitter Web App : Shaw. Miller. Hardaway. Smits.
4 shots in 13.3 seconds during one of the best finishes of all time. What were the odds of this happening?

We examine the probability of the improbable on the 25th anniversary of Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Twitter Web App : Raw Value does something other #MLB metrics dont – evaluates performance pitch-by-pitch.

We examine what RV tells us about the new lineups in LA, where the 2019 AL Cy Young race went wrong and who should have gotten more love in the NL ROY chase.

Twitter Web App : So how did Frank Thomas do on his birthday during his career?

.468 BA
.583 OBP
.766 SLG

His 1.349 career OPS on his birthday is the highest by any MLB player on his birthday in the live-ball era (minimum 40 PA).

Twitter Web App : You may know who has the most walk-off HRs, but do you know who has a chance to break that record? Who has the most in a season? Who has hit the ultimate slam?

Using our unparalleled historical #MLB data, we dissect the walk-off like no one else.

Twitter Web App : πšƒπš‘πšŽ π™°πš—πšŠπš•πš’πšœπš.

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TweetDeck : Bagwell and Frank Thomas combined for 970 career home runs, the most by any duo born on the exact same day.

Among duos born on the same date in different years, May 27 ranks 3rd, behind November 21 (Griffey Jr./Musial - 1105) and November 18 (Ortiz/Sheffield - 1050).…

Twitter Web App : Darrell Evans turns 73 today.

He's the only player in MLB history to amass at least 2000 hits and 400 home runs despite having a career batting average under .250.

He is also the oldest player ever to lead the majors in home runs in a season, doing so at age 38 in 1985.

Twitter Web App : Our performance team is involved in the sense of giving as much of a full physical profile to the decision-makers as we can.

Sacha Pisani spoke with Phil Coles, #Celtics Executive Director of Performance, about the role AI and #data plays in the #NBA.

TweetDeck : The undefeated season remains elusive in the #NFL.

But we’re using a model to more accurately evaluate the relative strength of each team over the past 25 years, and use that assessment to grasp how likely 19-0 might be in 2020.

Twitter Web App : Since its inception in 2016/17, the #BasketballCL has been a great incubator for young, talented players.

Weve put together a data-driven look into some of the competitions players that have put together great performances this season.

Twitter Web App : You might know who has the most walk-off HRs. But who has a chance to break that record? Who has the most in a season? Who has hit the ultimate slam?

Using unparalleled historical data, we dissect the walk-off like no one else.

TweetDeck : If Dak got $40 million and team cap stays around $200 million this season, that would be about 20 percent of cap. According to Stats By STATS, QB that took up highest % of cap and won Super Bowl was Steve Young at 13 percent in '94. Eli is second at 11 percent in '11.

Twitter Web App : Long-time Minnesota Vikings coach Bud Grant turns 93 today.

In addition to playing and coaching in the NFL, Grant also played in the NBA with the Lakers, winning a title in 1950.

He is the only man to participate in both the NBA Finals and the Super Bowl (as a player or head coach).

Twitter Web App : The Spurs have played 1082 home games since Gregg Popovich took over as coach, including playoffs.

In only one of those has a visiting player scored 45+ points in a game that didnt go to OT: that came 19 years ago today, when the Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant dropped 45 in WCF Game 1.

Twitter Web App : This is still the only MLB game in the live-ball era (since 1920) in which a team allowed 12+ runs and yet won by 12+.…