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Bio queer.
all strays welcome.
I grow free food for the working class and homeless on Forest Moon Farm. (any/all)

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Leftist musicians/artists! Drop your Bandcamp below so those that are in a position to do so can support your art today! #BandcampFriday #MutualAid

Android : Bánbídh Nó Conaíl 🐐🏴 This isn't meant to be about the USSR or whether it did good or bad things, but how economies organized by the people are more efficient and humane than those under Capitalism. That doesn't mean they, in particular, didn't oppress anyone.

Android : The U.S became a global economic empire due to slavery and violent exploitation of non-industrial nations. The U.S.S.R went from poverty to global economic superpower with an economy planned by the people in 1/4 the time. You don't have to back them to appreciate people power

Android : There is no perfect, easy way to challenge someone. You can be as gentle and empathetic as possible while explaining why someone is wrong or doing harm and if they're not willing to learn and grow, they'll treat you like a threat anyway. It's not your fault we can't change others

Android : There are systemic reasons child abuse survivors are often revictimized as adults. Its often portrayed as pathology, but ignores the material conditions faced by people without family support/wealth to rely on. Higher rates of homelessness, poverty, disability cause vulnerability

Android : Post an image of yourself as a romanceable NPC without downloading new pics…

Android : apidae: spicy Aging is so confusing because we're constantly trying to heal from our pasts, so so much of ourselves are still living at those ages and somehow time kept ticking on without us.