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Hootsuite Inc. : I just couldnt face the truth of how much debt I was in and talk to someone about it. If Id spoken to StepChange earlier, it wouldve saved me from constant worry, anxiety and depression
- Wendy, East Anglia 💜🧡

Twitter Web App : This must be the first step in a wider review of personal insolvency.

Today's stats on IVAs show continued growth in this market despite pandemic protections. Regulation is failing to protect consumers from misselling and leading to serious harm… (2/2)

Twitter Web App : Yesterday we welcomed the Insolvency Service proposals to widen the eligibility criteria for Debt Relief Orders.

The changes will be invaluable for many on low incomes who struggle to afford bankruptcy and have no other route out of debt.… (1/2)

Hootsuite Inc. : Together, we can get your finances back on track.

Get started with our online tool today and well support you for as long as you need us.

Twitter Web App : Its rumoured the £20 uplift to Universal Credit will be extended by 6 months in next weeks #Budget

But people fall into crisis all the time, not just during pandemics, and a working safety net is the only way to catch them. The uplift should be made permanent. #KeepTheLifeline

Twitter Web App : Finally, if you're worried about debt, we may be able to help. Head to our website to see what support is available: (7/7)

Twitter Web App : Making a Complaint:
If you don’t think a bailiff has treated you fairly, it’s important that you make a complaint against them.
If you think you have been mistreated by a bailiff, you can find out how to make a complaint here: (6/7)

Twitter Web App : Dealing with the threat of goods being taken:
Bailiffs won’t normally take away goods the first time they visit. Instead they will usually make a list of the items they can take. They must leave basic household items and medicine, and can't take anything that isn't yours. (5/7)

Twitter Web App : Dealing with a bailiff visit:
It’s important to know that bailiffs can’t force their way into your home, so do not open the door to them. Try to stay calm and keep all paperwork of any payments you make. (4/7)

Twitter Web App : Learn about what bailiffs can and can’t do.

Make sure you understand the difference between bailiffs and debt collectors as they have different rights and powers. We break this down here: (3/7)

Twitter Web App : Don’t ignore debt problems and do get help dealing with them.

If you’re worried about falling behind with important bills, get in touch with your creditors as early as possible and find out how they can help you. (2/7)

Twitter Web App : If you’ve been watching Coronation Street, you will have seen that Yasmeen recently received a visit from two #bailiffs.

If youre worried this might happen to you, we’ve got some tips on what to do if you think bailiffs might turn up 👇 (1/7)

Hootsuite Inc. : Yazmeen suffered a panic attack over money worries on #CoronationStreet tonight. If you've been feeling anxious about your finances, we may be able to help:

Hootsuite Inc. : This week, #CoronationStreets Yasmeen is visited by bailiffs and finds herself in spiralling debt. If you’re affected by this storyline, we may be able to help: Coronation Street

Twitter Web App : In addition to yesterday's vulnerability guidance, Financial Conduct Authority launched a Memorandum of Understanding with the EHRC.

Having regulators work together will go a long way in protecting vulnerable consumers and advancing equality of opportunity.…

Twitter Web App : In 2020, 50% of StepChange clients were in a vulnerable situation. Vulnerability is far from a niche issue, and suggests that people in these situations are particularly at risk of debt.

See our comments on Financial Conduct Authoritys new vulnerability guidance:…

Twitter Web App : New Fair By Design and PFRC, Bristol Uni research on the #PovertyPremium shows those with protected characteristics are paying more for essentials like credit and utilities

Regulators & policymakers should work together to drive down extra costs…