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Twitter Web App : My mom lived in Maine her whole life but was no fan of the climate. She used to say that each year we got exactly one day of spring. If so, today was ours.

Twitter Web App : It’s a scary time with so many things to worry about. Here’s hoping a new book is a great escape, a perfect distraction, an entertainment, and good news. This particular new book comes out 1 week from today. It features Jack McEvoy and Rachel Walling.…

Twitter Web App : Out today! PLUNGE #3 and the finale of DOLLHOUSE FAMILY. Thanks for hanging in there with Hill House... hope you enjoy the new chapters.

Twitter Web App : BREAKING: The United States has now had 1,500,045 confirmed coronavirus cases, and 90,190 deaths. At this rate it is likely to reach 100,000 deaths sooner than CDC models predict, at the end of June.

Twitter Web App : It seems the way to get fired by President Trump is not to commit wrongdoing, but to investigate it.…

Twitter Web App : “The opposite of play is not work,” the psychologist Brian Sutton-Smith once said. “The opposite of play is depression.” - another great bit from Rutger Bregman’s forthcoming Humankind. I wanna send a copy to every educator in the state. And the governor. And the state assembly.

Twitter Web App : The firings of multiple Inspectors General is unprecedented; doing so
without good cause chills the independence essential to their purpose. It is a threat to accountable democracy and a fissure in the constitutional balance of power.

Twitter Web App : CAPONE (Amazon, iTunes): "You know, this is what happens when people spend too much time in Florida. They turn into fuckin' hillbillies."

Twitter Web App : 1820’s largest donor is New York billionaire Stephen Schwarzman, CEO of international investment firm The Blackstone Group. He gave a total of $500,000.

Twitter Web App : 1820 is a political action committee backing Senator Susan Collins. It lauds her for bipartisanship and independence. Those funding the group include some of President Donald Trump’s closest allies and biggest financiers. Spent so far: $2.7 million.