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Twitter Web App : PPS South Carolina: I won $50 on a scratch ticket there. Think it was Alcolu. I never won jack shit in Georgia.

Twitter Web App : Dear South Carolina: Love your state, love the Little Pee Dee, and I've got a rooting interest in Jamie Harrison. Lindsey Graham's a grumpy old poop, ain't he? Why not give him a gold watch and send him into retirement.

Twitter Web App : I suspect that readers have a tendency to hate the ending of any book they loved. They just want it to go on...and on...and on...…

Twitter Web App : CNN at 9 PM. See what people who worked with Trump as President have to say about him. Get your Trump-supporting friends to watch. (Spoiler alert: The man is crazy.)

Twitter Web App : Biden=Science, rationality, facts
Trump=Superstition, rumors, conspiracy theories
shouldn’t be a hard choice.

Twitter Web App : Tonight with Jake Tapper ⬇️. We’ve lived it. Grateful for the solidarity of fellow patriots who have put everything on the line to come forward & tell the truth about what we’ve all seen first hand in the Trump Administration. The truth hurts but silence kills. #CountryOverParty…

Twitter Web App : Leonard Cohen died the day before the election in 2016.

He left us this song, though. And Swinky スウィンキー breathed this passion into it in the days after he left.

When my spirit needs a recharge, I listen to it. I’ve been listening to it a lot.…

Twitter Web App : Donald Trump is no patriot. When he said he "didn't want to panic people" about COVID-19, he forgot the most salient fact about Americans:

Twitter Web App : It’s in TROUBLED BLOOD, by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling). Looking it up was a mistake. My bad. Now I’ll go back to “Mommy Shark.”…

Twitter Web App : Oh my God, I’m stuck with the mother of all ear worms:
”Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep,” by Middle of the Road. Apparently a big hit in England 50 years ago. Not posting. You’d want to kill me, I think.