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iPhone : Mark Collins Sr. BigBlueVCR I do have it. Got to get it digitize so I can share it with our team. Will update when I do. Snuck it out to the field at halftime in a towel. I just kept picturing if Parcells caught me sneaking it out !! The only non network video on the field or the locker room !!

iPhone : Took em all. Even a few for baseball. Oddly enough ? Never took an official visit to BC !! Wanted no part of BC. Then Coach Gallup got involved and I saw the light !! Plus they were the only school that said I could play LB. Every school in the country wanted me at OL…

iPhone : Kirby Hey Kirby. Fortunately my schedule has opened up and I will be there. Thank you for the kind offer. Let’s figure out if we can do this. Brighter Days is a great charity. Hope all is well with you and yours

iPhone : Tony Massarotti Tony. Do your hands always come that far away from your body when you start your swing? Costing you 15% in distance. Just a little nugget to put in your head !! Let’s play sometime !!

iPhone : Carl Banks) 's Twitter Profile">Carl Banks Jumbo Elliott) 's Twitter Profile">Jumbo Elliott Carl Banks) 's Twitter Profile">Carl Banks. Jumbo Elliott) 's Twitter Profile">Jumbo Elliott What is this “bench press” thing you speak of ? Oh yah. That must have been what you guys were doing when I always had to “take an important phone call”. Always showed up somehow when we were doing squats though !! Short thick guys liked squats !!