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Bio Professor of EU, Human Rights & World Trade Law, University of Essex. New book: EU Citizenship Directive (Guild, Peers & Tomkin, 2nd ed, OUP). Usual disclaimers
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Android : The miserly, humiliating, enforced poverty of asylum support rates become even more unacceptable if asylum seekers have to wait such a long time for a decision.…

Android : I hope you can help me get this message across to the British public.

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Android : This is significant

A "ministerial directive" is a serious thing in Whitehall - an "if you insist minister" ultimatum from the most senior officials to ministers

One is rare, but eleven..?

Some extraordinary stories are going to emerge one day soon…

Android : Iain Duncan Smith left school aged 18. He has no degrees, let alone in anything related to science or public health. If you want to take - or spread - epidemiological advice from him, you probably deserve to get Covid-19 tbh.…

Android : Ryan M Julien Hoez Joshua Silver No, a decision is only legislative if adopted by means of the ordinary legislative procedure, or a special legislative procedure. Article 289 does not say that all the acts it refers to are always adopted by a legislative procedure.

Android : If the mortality rate is 1 in 10,000, the excess death numbers suggest the UK has a population of at least 550 million. Stacks up.…