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Bio Professor of EU, Human Rights & World Trade Law, University of Essex. New book: EU Citizenship Directive (Guild, Peers & Tomkin, 2nd ed, OUP). Usual disclaimers
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Twitter Web App : Giant snapping #turtle laying spring eggs. Probably over 30 years old. Just about 1m in length. These species can live to 100-years in Ontario. #nature #NaturePhotography

Android : Why would a Govt end the lockdown when death and transmission rates are so high and against scientific advice? Could it be a desire to avoid the huge political cost of us seeing clearly the toll in human lives of the message they sent when they allowed Cummings to stay in post?

iPhone : Professor Devi Sridhar is deeply impressive. We need to see more from her.…

Android : Its not political, just a powerful message from staff on the frontline of this dreadful emergency.

Someone should crowdfund getting this as an advertisement on the TV. More important that ANY party political broadcast

Twitter Web App : So it’s a Faustian Pact? Makes sense! Especially after this weeks shenanigans! Well worth a read!…

We need the Real Picture and we need it Now, relating to a range of painful issues which are misrepresented in social & mainstream media and by corporations.

Android : Agreed. The prevalence of bothsides-ism in online/media commentary is a disingenuous excercise as its subtracting nuance/perspective away from the *cause* of the present civil unrest (institutional racism) and instead shifts focus on to a (lesser) *symptom* (i.e rioting).…

Twitter Web App : #SharingFeedback: Thank you so much for helping those people affected by the windrush scandal and hostile environment. We will continue to support PWGD UK when we can!!!

Windrush Community Response - COVID 19…