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iPhone : National Guard marches through a quiet residential neighborhood in #Minneapolis, screaming at citizens to get inside.

Soldiers stop to point their guns at residents on their balcony.

They yell “LIGHT THEM UP” as they fire riot control rounds at them.

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iPhone : “All lives matter” comes from the same place as “why isn’t there a straight pride”.

Phrases that seek to downplay & divert from structural inequality, racism and homophobia.

Phrases that really mean that black lives didn’t matter as much, that gay people shouldn’t be proud.

iPhone : Am arguing with some crack pot white guy claiming that unless we know and have written/spoken evidence for Chauvin’s motivation, then the riots are an unacceptable reaction. YIIIIKES #BlackLivesMatter

iPhone : What does white privilege look like? (Via Dr. Heejung Chung on FB, and Via a friend of hers, Steve Wilson, via, I guess an enormous number of people who live without this privilege). #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER #BlackLivesMatter #socialcontract #EnoughIsEnough

iPhone : As an Australian working in higher education this report seems like it’s from another planet twitter.com/timeshighered/…

iPhone : Dr Elizabeth Tait Yes I aimagine that is the case what with many men forcing the return of the 1950s house wife. :(
I did see a tweet from a woman editor recently in my field who said she had seen the opposite, which is bamboozling.

iPhone : What’s going on with peer reviews for journals this year? Higher than avg no. of requests from much higher than avg no. of different journals. Maybe combination of COVID robbing people’s time + people just increasingly withdrawing from the process?? #AcademicChatter #reviewertoo