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iPhone : Glad you asked, Joe.

For starters:
-$350 billion in blue state bailouts
-$86 billion in union pension bailouts
-$135 million for the National Endowment of the Arts

We need schools reopened, vaccines distributed, and jobs created!

Not Pelosi’s Payoff to progressives.

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iPhone : Parents want schools open.

Students want schools open.

The CDC says schools can open.

Dr. Fauci says schools can open.

But the unions want to keep schools shut down.

And thats the only group Biden seems to be listening to.

The priority should be the kids. NOT the unions.

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iPhone : 🚨🚨 Democrats in Congress are working to ban Fox News, OAN, and Newsmax from all cable and streaming platforms.

They want to control:
- Your news
- Your TV
- Your entire life

This is what you’d see in the Soviet Union.

Twitter Web App : “Let’s get back to helping families, reopen small businesses, and open up our schools RIGHT now. Not a year from now, not one day a week.” -Steve Scalise message this morning to the Biden administration

iPhone : Typical deflection from the person who forced Dems to vote against my amendment to increase vaccine distribution to 200 million in Biden’s first 100 days.

The reality is less than 10% of their bill goes to public health and the rest goes to liberal special interests.


iPhone : Democrats were given the opportunity to hold Cuomo accountable.

Instead, they chose to protect him.

This is shameful. He blatantly covered up his reckless decision with the help of aids.

We’re calling for an investigation.…

iPhone : Thanks for asking, Mr. President.

✂️Job killing minimum wage hike
✂️Benefits for illegal immigrants
✂️$350 billion blue state bailout
✂️$129 billion to schools, without a plan to reopen
✂️$15 billion to push towards Medicare for All…

iPhone : Joe Biden was saying follow the science until the science said open the schools.

Now hes following the teachers unions. And leaving students to suffer.

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iPhone : I am honoring my wife Carol's legacy by fighting back against the disease that took her life. Today, on Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day, I introduced the Cardiovascular Advances in Research and Opportunities Legacy (CAROL) Act.…

iPhone : Lets be clear: The extra $100+ billion for schools Democrats want to pass isnt even tied to reopening.

They REJECTED Ashley Hinson’s bill to require schools getting money to at least have a plan to reopen.

Why should we send more money to schools not even planning to open?

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iPhone : This isnt just kids sad they cant see friends.

The mental health toll of remote school is SEVERE.

Parents are writing to me about kids attempting suicide and being diagnosed with depression.

We can fix this.

Why wont Dems listen to the CDC and call for schools to reopen?

iPhone : Dems say schools cant open unless we pass their partisan spending bill.

But the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says 95% of the money for schools in the bill wont even be spent in 2021.

Not this spring.
Not this fall.
Not this year.

They want kids to wait that long?

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iPhone : My friend Steve Scalise is right—we should work together to ensure students can go back to class safely. My Reopen Schools Act would help students & teachers get back in the classroom safely without spending additional taxpayer dollars.

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iPhone : Students are better served when they are in the classroom. The science says it’s time to resume in person learning. We must put students first. Parents, share your stories with @stevescalise here:

iPhone : Last week I spoke about the Woods family from Savannah as they struggle with the impacts of remote learning. Share your story with us if your family is struggling too:
Steve Scalise…

iPhone : Make no mistake: Biden's new immigration bill is just all the far-left's insane demands thrown into one massive, partisan bill.

Congress should reject it and get to work on serious, bipartisan solutions for the challenges hardworking Americans are facing.