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Twitter Web App : Lewis Goodall Additionally, Ferguson also said "The big caveat is that we only know which strain people were infected for about 8% of deaths". So this is based off the sketchiest of data and there is basically barely any proof.

Twitter Web App : I don't often do this...but this is irresponsible. We should be able to see the evidence and the analyses so we fully understand any potential limitations or confounders. Science by briefing has become an unfortunate part of this pandemic and it's not helpful.…

Twitter Web App : It is a bit beyond me why such a potentially hugely important announcement came as a leak to a journalist relayed by a tabloid, rather than an official governmental report. I worry this form of communication deeply undermines trust in public health and political authorities.

Twitter Web App : There might be some truth in this claim (or not). Case fatality rates in the UK over recent weeks may be compatible with infection with B 1.1.7 being associated to a marginally worse outcome, but this could equally be explained by strained ICUs, seasonality or whatnot.

Twitter Web App : H4mez Lewis Goodall It really pisses me off tbh. People are fed up. They're also complying a bit at the moment too I think post christmas, and the last thing we want now is for people to go 'this is all futile, why even bother'. Giving them reasons to be scared and want to see people.

Twitter Web App : H4mez Lewis Goodall As soon as I read the actual NERVTAG quotes that's exactly what I thought. They'll go 'oh well, there's nothing we can do, wasn't our fault'. It seems incredibly irresponsible to me to go in a public press conference and say that despite 'considerable remaining uncertainty'.

Twitter Web App : Niv Ha looks absolutely nothing like me! Just some bloke with a beard and dark hair.

Twitter Web App : Lewis Goodall Further info. Its based around these quotes. Even he admits considerable remaining uncertainty. It doesnt also mean the individual case is 30% more likely to die. Its bad yeah, but he means a 30% increase based on the previous 10 per 1000, now 13 per 1000. Very different.

Twitter Web App : Lewis Goodall Obviously that'll then in turn lead to more deaths sadly... and its fucking shite. Just shows the importance potentially of making sure hospitals are not overrun though.

Twitter Web App : Lewis Goodall As far as I've read, this is based on the amount of deaths per age rising. I do wonder how much of this is down to hospitals being overwhelmed & not necessarily the virus literally being more deadly. Countless stories of doctors saying they have zero time to spend with patients.