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TweetDeck : I went to the socially distant park down by the river and sat in the long grass next to the alligators and took pictures of dragonflies in the boiling Southern sun.

What did you guys do with your day?

TweetDeck : This is how Trump treats hardcore, far right, frantically partisan supporters of his own ideology.

Instead of telling me how you cant vote for Biden, start showing THIS to those who intend to vote for Trump.

TweetDeck : He wanted to tell me what I could and could not post on my own goddamn timeline.

I'm not having that.

It made him mad. I fixed it for him. We're all good now.…

TweetDeck : Oh for fucks sake.

Theres questioning people on what they say, and theres TELLING them what to say. Youre trying to do the latter. Im not having any, thats not negotiable. I post what I post, you can come along or not, your choice.

Well, in this case, maybe not.

TweetDeck : I wasn't arguing. Any more than I'm arguing with you.

Again, It's my timeline, I'll respond or not as I please. If that doesn't work for you, hey, I get it. No hard feeling. You know where the door is.…

TweetDeck : Conversation with a Twitter Progressive:

Agreed Biden wasnt my favorite candidate = Fuck you

Agreed I would have voted for Bernie = Fuck you

Endless stream of vitriol and insults = Conversation

Doesnt feel like listening to your endless stream of vitriol and insults = Soft

TweetDeck : Habanero peppers, serrano peppers, dried red chilies, onions, garlic, oregano, cumin, smoked paprika, kosher salt, orange juice, and fresh lime juice and whatever else I happen to throw in.…

TweetDeck : Meat Day.

I got a deal on some big pieces of beef and pork at the commissary. So, pork shoulder into the Instant Pot/slow cooker overnight to become carnitas. Pork ribs and beef brisket into the smoker.

Divide up into 2 dozen meals and freeze.

Progress report in 20 hours.

TweetDeck : I *said* Biden wasn't my choice.

I *said* I would have voted for Bernie.

I *said* we're now stuck with Biden or Trump, and you say you'll vote for Biden. Great. Me too.

So, what is it that you're mad at ME about? My tone? Really?…