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iPhone : A1 Idk why Zanah so good when it’s just me and her. She listens to me, she usually just sits in one place or does circles in my general space. Or she crawls on me. Her mama come around and the house is destroyed 😂

iPhone : Top 5 Most important shoes to Black Culture 💯

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iPhone : But they call us fragile for not “bein wit that gay shit” then turn around and use the insinuation of you being Gay as an insult 😂…

iPhone : “Are you Gay” naw bitch I’m just cool on that lil pussy…

iPhone : Women say “I don’t ask for much” so when you do a lot for them they can hit you wit “I never asked you for all that” 😂😂

Raggedy MF’s…

iPhone : my masculinity is not now and never will be built on labor. i enjoy ease. i desire ease. shit being hard bc of man made systems and having to figure out how to navigate them isn’t joy for me.

iPhone : I knew Twitter a Cap ass place cause how is that all y’all on here are so rich, and nobody splits bills .... yet couple weeks ago all y’all was talking bout Stimmy checks??? According to the IRS you don’t get a Stimmy if you make a certain amount soooo...... why y’all lyin?

iPhone : If you heard that car sound at 0:04 and still thought this was real 😐…

iPhone : When I was single I chose to ghost rather than try to be “Mature” and tell them I don’t wanna deal wit them. Cause women like to ask questions, and I REALLY ain’t wanna have to tell a bih the reason why I wasn’t fuckin wit her was cause her pussy was garbage & she was boring AF

iPhone : Fuck that depression shit! You owe it to yourself to be Great. It’s warm outside. Go put on some hoochie mane shorts and catch a quick lil sum ya heard me. 💪🏾…