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iPhone : If you're amazed at all that's happened since Geoffrey Berman was fired as SDNY US Attorney with the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell...just wait until Anthony Weiner's laptop contents are revealed.

iPhone : Imagine INSTAGRAM & NBCNEWS scrambling to make shit up and can’t get their fact checking straight 😂

U fuckin media nerds do this for a living? And ur getting owned by a fantasy football & gambling guy bored during quarantine 🖕
Ben Collins



iPhone : Lisa Mei Crowley 🇺🇲 all I know is that I have never, ever, seen as many people on my Facebook friends list red pilled all at once like I have today. it’s been amazing for that alone 🙏 - everyone is hitting me up asking questions now - people I would have never expected

iPhone : Roger Stone was targeted by an illegal Witch Hunt that never should have taken place. It is the other side that are criminals, including Biden and Obama, who spied on my campaign - AND GOT CAUGHT!

iPhone : Being used as a forum for human trafficking and likely money laundering.

Anons are doing exactly what we do...dig and expose. The evidence we are finding is evidence hidden in plain sight. People are convicted for crimes with far less circumstantial evidence than this

iPhone : I am here to help expose deep state child traffickers and Satanists, bring awareness to human trafficking victims, and support @potus.

What was exposed today involving Wayfair and now Amazon is a massive reveal discovered by anons.

There is ample evidence that Wayfair is

Twitter Web App : Dr. Vannevar Bush was in charge of the OSRD think Manhattan project.
Bush had authority over John G Trump who took all of TESLAs work when he passed.
Now you know why the Dept of Energy has the highest level of security Q clearance!
Q has the #TESLA files!

Twitter Web App : BREAKING NEWS: #Wayfair has investigated itself and found out that theres absolutely no truth to trafficking rumors.
They checked with Hillary and she said it was ok to copy her Haiti & Benghazi strategy. Mysteriously several of their more pricey items are now sold out.

Twitter Web App : I've seen anons SPECULATE re: POTUS timestamps & typos. Nobody shamed them for their theories. Today there was an overwhelming preponderance of ACTUAL listings on sites w/overpriced items & names of missing kids & we're shamed for thinking there’s some shady sh*t going on. WTF?