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iPhone : Yooo when Ellis told Joan she a five and a half compared to Halle Berry after he told her she was a nine 😭😭 aksksksk

iPhone : TO ME...it’s kinda tone def to be bragging about $ right now...ya know during a pandemic

iPhone : This screams “Nobody loved me so I had a baby cuz kids love you forever” twitter.com/gotablasst/sta…

iPhone : A lot of stuff isn’t insecurity, mfs be outta line and expect you to go for it 😂

iPhone : My coworker told our supervisor she’ll need surgery next month to check for cancer and this ditzy lame white bitch says “oh you’ll be out of PTO if you take four days”....😭😭 really?

iPhone : DRUNK AUNTIE Fr, I have social anxiety sometimes so drinks def help! Maybe an interactive game? And Idk how you’d find people, esp people that would couple up but either way if you do it I’ll come & bring my friend, I told myself I need to actually put in effort meeting new people 😭