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iPhone : Forgive generously. This is the month of forgiveness. Let it go. Don’t keep it inside & let it fester. It’s not healthy. Besides all that negative emotion is taking up too much space. Allow yourself to fil that space with love, compassion and peace. You’ll feel much better!

iPhone : The irony of a changed world that changed us 👇🏽
When face coverings become a symbol of safety and confidence and no longer projected as a symbol of fear and division.
“Letterbox” London “Bankrobber” Britain coming soon to a street near you 🙄😂

iPhone : “Perhaps the steepest, and most alarming, deterioration in religious freedom conditions was in #India, the largest democracy in the world.” USCIRF Vice Chair Nadine Maenza #USCIRFAnnualReport2020

iPhone : It’s not easy to becomes a Quran/ Hadith scholar.

You have to spend a life time reading books and countless hours of devotion.

It is not like our simple degrees that many do with one month study. We should respect these big (religious) scholars. Allah (SWT) loves such men.

iPhone : Quit worrying especially over things you can’t control. If you want peace of mind, hand things over to the Almighty after you’ve done your best. You’ve played your part so now let Him take over. Remember, whatever you let into your mind has the potential to manifest in your life.

iPhone : PT Imperial Medicine I’m willing to pay £600 to be included in the trial. This is for fellow human beings. This is to help research. It is not about money. It’s a privilege even if things go wrong.

iPhone : Saima Rehman Heard someone used the word “actor”
There’s a reason

Perhaps Pakistan wants to achieve herd immunity, looking at low mortality in the early stages.
So thinking to experiment on a few keen people. Either way govt won’t take the blame for failure and success will count as theirs

iPhone : But

In early 1945, a typhus epidemic spread through the camp, killing 17,000 prisoners. Due to these chaotic conditions, it is not possible to determine the specific cause of Anne's death; however, there is evidence that she died from the epidemic


iPhone : -1/3 of #covid19 patients in intensive care are BAME.

-2/3 of #NHS staff who've died from the disease are BAME.

-BAME households are 2x as likely to have lost jobs/income.

Diseases may not discriminate but they do reflect and heighten existing inequalities #coronavirusuk

iPhone : This is why we have to challenge the Government on every single one of its failures.

🇬🇧UK: 190 Coronavirus deaths per million people

🇩🇪Germany: 43 Coronavirus deaths per million people

🇰🇷South Korea: 4 Coronavirus deaths per million people

iPhone : 👇The UK government policy of keeping our airports open & allowing flights to come in unchecked is in direct contradiction to its ´lockdown’ policy. #Covid19…

iPhone : Matt Hancock just admitted to the Health Select Committee that he has no idea what number or proportion of health and social care workers are infected with Covid.

Let that sink in.

iPhone : WTF? Why are these people not observing social distancing? Do they not understand the irony of clapping for the NHS yet deliberately increasing the risk of putting more pressure on the NHS? Ridiculous. 👇…

iPhone : Guys, Geckos 🦎 are innocent lizards. They watch over us, eat our dengue mosquitoes and make malaria their dinner. Don’t hate them, they are our friends. Trust me, I’m from Australia, when there is a creature you have to worry about I will tell you