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Twitter Web App : One of the strangest PR pitches I’ve been sent lately are these constant and unending quotes from Randy Pitchford about completely random topics.

Tweetbot for iΟS : How the fuck isn’t this bigger news???????????? Ya’ll love talking about how much of a fascist Trump is, but then say nothing when the police out here UNLAWFULLY SPYING on the NDP!!!!…

TweetDeck : im not gonna be able to do anything to celebrate and im turning 26 so i have to get my own health insurance so this might be my least anticipated birthday yet. oh well

Twitter Web App : its apparently been about three months since the last time, so, about right. doing ng+ for the first time

TweetDeck : some absolutely incredible energy on this week's fearbaiting, talking about one of the most bonkers movies we've watched in a hot minute. if you've not listened before or havent listened in a while, i really recommend listening to this episode…