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Twitter Web App : Krazy been an inspiration for me for a long time now. I Love the Art He has did so far and I Hit the Like Button when See Art From Him. Thank You Krazy <3. This is My Drawing of His Dry Bones and Credit to Him. This is Why I love Krazy and was inspired by Cullen

Twitter Web App : Krazy
Hey, I absolutely love your Paper Mario OCs, so I tried drawing one of them in the TTYD artstyle! I dont know the relation Data and Vivian would have if any, but I imagine her studies would rub Vivian the wrong way. Hope you like it!

Twitter Web App : Hooktail Jr That project is still being developed, this one is something I can do easily, and takes a lot less work to create. That- and I can use my characters from that project into this one to introduce every character.

Twitter Web App : Since I am working on an animated Paper Mario series that focuses primarily on NPC's / Partners, what would a proper title be? Here is a couple that I have:

Paper Mario: Denizens & Folk

Paper Mario: Residents Voyage

Paper Mario: City of Companions

Leave suggestions tyvm 😡💦