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Android : Love the newest game, hate it, I dont care, but NO company should force their employees to go through what ND forced their employees to go through for this game. You glorifying abusing their staff for artistic vision is fuckin gross.…

Android : I saw a job post the other day. 👔

It required 4+ years of experience in FastAPI. 🤦

I couldn't apply as I only have 1.5+ years of experience since I created that thing. 😅

Maybe it's time to re-evaluate that "years of experience = skill level". ♻

Android : I like how they only believe in free speech when it’s convenient to them and there are only consequences for the people they don’t like. As well as ignoring the fact that cancel culture ruins the lives of normal people far more than the rich and powerful.…

Android : Twitter:

Chancel culture isnt bad/doesnt exist
Nobody wants to take your things away
You guys make such a big deal about it
There is no war against anime


Android : Newsweek Violent riots (protests? LMAO!!!) turned their city into a Fallout set piece - and the police were forced to sit back and watch.

I'd be tramatized too if my city was razed and there was nothing I could do.

Android : Minneapolis Police want "duty Disability" for PTSD over George Floyd protests…

Android : The difference between “cancel culture” and “consequences.”

Consequences is when someone whose ideas I don’t like is fired and harassed.

Cancel culture is when someone whose ideas I like gets fired and harassed.

Android : RIP creative freedom, hello diversity checklists!

The BAFTAs are adding inclusivity guidelines to future shows, the first of which will be a pilot program only affecting one award, but the CEO already expressed a desire to move it beyond that

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