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iPhone : Brenda Clayson I live adjacent to Cleveland Natl & there’s a coyote den close by in the canyon behind my house. I see them everyday. I’ve never had a pack approach me before. And the leader was within reach. It’s baby season. Unsettling! Fred was my hero & was rewarded with lots of snuggles! ❤️

iPhone : Lex (illyrilex) ✨ I am. But I was a little shaken. So brazen! Especially “the leader of the pack.” It was as if he was contemplating whether he should attack me or not. No fear. Usually they run away & don’t get that close. All the wildlife here has become very aggressive lately. ☹️

iPhone : I just had a too close encounter with a pack of coyotes. One of them was close enough I could have touched it. I’m not usually afraid of them because I grew up here & they’re everywhere. But damn, they weren’t backing down. Grateful my Newfie’s went right at them to protect me.❤️

Twitter Web App : Lori Carey Yes, you're exactly right. We've invaded their living quarters and that's reduced their prey. So now we're becoming their prey.

Twitter Web App : Lisa When my husband got his vaccine (healthcare dose via a CVS) they took my name on a list for "end of the day extra doses" because I'm high risk. I was #10 on the list. I've heard nothing & don't expect to, but there's always hope ...

Twitter Web App : Lori Carey Yep & it's getting worse. An acquaintance of mine was attacked & hospitalized from a nearby mountain lion attack. My husband & I have each had separate encounters w/them within a quarter mile of our house. They're becoming increasingly aggressive. And you don't see them coming...

Twitter Web App : Lori Carey Wolves are so much more beautiful! Keep bear spray with you if you have to be out at night with Rebel. I grew up with coyotes & view them primarily as pests. The mountain lions in my canyon, however, seem to have lost their fear of people & are becoming more aggressive.

Twitter Web App : Lori Carey Be safe! I would love to photograph a wolf. I have coyotes walk past my backyard fence every pm & am. And a lot of other wildlife too (deer, bobcats, raccoons, etc.) Lately the mountain lions have been very brave & actively stalking people in "my" canyon. It's unsettling. 😳

Twitter Web App : Debby He caught it at the end of January and it has really kicked his ass. It's been very scary but his doctor is monitoring him closely and he isn't in the hospital. Fingers crossed it stays that way!