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Android : Arvind Kejriwal did he do this deliberately or by mistake? You don't have to punish someone for an inadvertent error just to prove your nationalism. Job is a person's life not a toy for your competitive nationalism. LG Delhi twitter.com/ArvindKejriwal…

Android : Is India bending the curve?? See the answers in the data.

Daily confirmed COVID-19 cases ourworldindata.org/coronavirus-da…

Android : 20 Lakh crores sounds good. But even those who know these things, no one I know has said WOW, says Industrialist Rajiv Bajaj. Seedha Sadha Economics I understand. This seems like a Ghoom-Phir Ka Stimulus. Maybe its just my ignorance.- More previews from Mojo Story

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Android : As the world doubles up its efforts to curb the impact of the #COVID19, the Indian Government continues its crackdown on dissent by using the #UAPA on those who are critical of the govt.

Repressive laws are tools for harassment, NOT justice: bit.ly/RightToDissent

#repealUAPA pic.twitter.com/HqLv7JhTLr

Android : Pregnant woman from Guntur was forcibly kept in a "temporary jail" in Uttar Pradesh despite repeatedy testing negative for COVID-19. She had a miscarriage in captivity but still had to wait three days before being taken to hospital.


Android : First nations land stolen from 1776 to 1930. This is what systematic genocide looks like, the end of this gif is only 90 years ago. pic.twitter.com/L57HICvEdU

Android : "This court has to ensure national security and human rights are balanced." Learning today that Human Rights are not inalienable, but are dispensable at the altar of national security. Live Law

Android : We need to reimagine a better world with more social security which can move away from the dogma that wealth of business is the wealth of nations and can realize that people are the wealth of a nation and need basic economic rights to survive and grow. Shame!

Android : ESI, health care, job security you want all labour laws gone so people can't get the minimum protections. Logic - business move to 'capital' in place of labour! Really? Do you see capital producing without labour? It's dead weight without people to work it.

Android : It is this illogical worship of 'free market' that has got the while world to a place where people are working day to day week to week and hard working people don't have enough to feed themselves through a week of crisis. Instead of creating a social security net - minimum wages, twitter.com/srajagopalan/s…

Android : Wow, so we should stop paying taxes and giving free lunch to government which (1) can't pay for tests (2) doesn't give stimulus (3) makes migrant pay for tickets - so why free lunches for government on our taxes? twitter.com/andymukherjee7…

Android : Tejasvi Surya total hypocrisy. Remember this scroll.in/latest/930064/…

Before forcing migrants to stay and do slave labour will you ask for their citizenship. So migrants were not destroying Karnataka after all? and no need for NRC 'to weed them out' Shivam Vij twitter.com/Tejasvi_Surya/…