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Bio That guy that does the synthwaves, Xander Harris on the Spotify’s, Justin Sweatt on that kraut ambient tip. Former Austinite, Future Dallas, Texas Forever
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iPhone : I’ve lost my edge. Willingly didn’t celebrate world goth day or international synth day. I absolutely think I’ve just stopped caring about all of the tags. Meh.

iPhone : Almost two years since the release of Villains of Romance. I absolutely still love this record and I’m still kinda that guy that thinks everything I do is terrible. You can tell I prefer to work with the Europeans. Loved the Chrome/Villains/Termination run. Lots of exploring

iPhone : Life’s decent for once. I’m alright with this no people thing and never going out. My creative self loves it. Write, work, sleep, write, work.

iPhone : All I know is that in the midst of a pandemic you still have quite a few Twitlers screaming on and on atop their small podiums about non-sensical bullshit. There is no cure for the true pandemic: obstinate human stupidity.

iPhone : You know the positive of all of this? I’ve realigned what I care about. Like who cares what a person names their kid. Or who got what song on what thing. Does that matter? Not really at all. Live your life, head down, privately fight for the right thing, love hard.

iPhone : Its truly an honor to announce I recorded an album for the KPM/EMI Production Music production music library. Vinyl/digi release details coming soon, for now you can stream the tracks here emipm.com/en/browse/labe…

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iPhone : What am I doing the rest of my year after moving and finishing up records? Putting out a poetry book NO ONE will read because I think poetry is basically the thing no one wants to do in the arts except a stubborn few. Happy Thursday.

iPhone : I love Nola, loved my time there but honestly I have nothing to go back to. 14 hours away from family is not a good idea after all of this. I’ll visit. One day I’ll return. Not anytime soon tho, regrettably. In these times you have to roll with the punches.

iPhone : Dad died in Feb. March brought that wicked bitch Rona. Things change, priorities change. Can’t immigrate to the UK cuz prolls Boris. Need to stay close to my mom for whatever time is left regardless. I’m moving to Dallas and staying in Texas.

iPhone : A good representation of my lockdown mind. Records, poems, short stories finally firing on all cylinders. About freaking time. youtu.be/zqCupoG7Qgs

iPhone : Thanks for your creative and innovative electronic music, Florian Schneider. Enjoyed your work from your first album with Ralf in 1973.

You will be deeply missed!