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SocialFlow : You've probably seen mussels, oysters and barnacles stuck to piers, rocks and boats. Here's how scientists are using their natural adhesives to make powerful, eco-friendly glues that even work underwater! t.ted.com/zaPJaO7

SocialFlow : These 10 talks dive deep into some of life's biggest questions: t.ted.com/IqAjWay

Twitter Web App : Here's how learning to say "No" to excess stuff can not only help you take a big step towards a low-waste lifestyle — but might also inspire companies to stop making these items in the first place! t.ted.com/JXJ2wEa

Twitter Web App : Acidic oceans sound like something out of a horror movie, but they could be our reality as CO2 emissions rise. Here's what we can do to prevent them before it's too late: t.ted.com/E290aUy

SocialFlow : Here's why this is one of the most hated birds in all of North America — by farmers and conservationists alike!

SocialFlow : When someone you love dies, advice and support comes pouring in — but the same can't always be said about losing a pet: t.ted.com/XXpOnrE

Twitter Web App : We can change climate change, but we need you. #JoinTheCountdown to a safer, cleaner, fairer future. Find out how to get involved here: t.ted.com/5IwNNqQ

Twitter Web App : To learn more, watch Kotchakorn Voraakhoms full TED Talk here:


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Twitter Web App : Here's what the Montreal Protocol — the treaty which helped protect earth's ozone layer — can teach us about slowing climate change today: t.ted.com/HwKqljx

SocialFlow : Not to scare you, but algorithms used by Facebook, Google and other tech companies can detect:
-Your ethnicity
-Your political views
-Your sexual orientation
-Your religion
-Your face

Here's what that means about your privacy:

Twitter Web App : Anything — and everything! — can be a solar panel! Here's how this designer is thinking up ways for all of us to tap into the power of the ☀️: t.ted.com/EGYxDHy

Twitter Web App : Concrete that repairs ... itself??! Here's how the world would change if this widely used construction material could fix its own cracks:
t.ted.com/43D4yVb (via @TED_Ed)

SocialFlow : The water we use for drinking, bathing and cooking accounts for only 3.6% of global water consumption. So what's *really* draining the earth of this precious resource? t.ted.com/UOF3KFJ

SocialFlow : Talk about birth control: Some female bedbug species have evolved a new set of genitalia — which can filter out unwanted sperm. t.ted.com/nw5fPAK

Twitter Web App : Littered on the beach, put in a recycling bin, or thrown in a landfill — follow the fates of these 3 bottles: t.ted.com/NEYDZF5 (via @TED_Ed)

SocialFlow : "If we wait until our generation — Generation Z — is old enough to be in power, it will be far too late to address this crisis." — Jamie Margolin

Twitter Web App : Being a young climate activist is definitely not easy, but Zero Hour cofounder Jamie Margolin has practical advice for other young people who are ready to take action on behalf of the climate: t.ted.com/ACkt71V @TED_Ed #JoinTheCountdown

SocialFlow : What makes working at Netflix different? According to CEO Reed Hastings: It starts with a culture of reinvention, honesty and flexibility. t.ted.com/SDIJxPn

Twitter Web App : For me, being 18 years old and trying to save the world means being a climate activist. –– Xiye Bastida

Watch her full talk here:t.ted.com/AbFvegr #JoinTheCountdown

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