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Sprinklr : Six Dr. Seuss books will stop being published because of racist imagery ti.me/3b977Cc

Sprinklr : No repeal of the $170 billion tax break for billionaires and no change in minimum wage: Why Democrats can’t keep their promises in the relief bill ti.me/3uNWNHh

Sprinklr : Kazuo Ishiguro on how his new novel "Klara and the Sun" is a celebration of humanity

Twitter Web App : New from me: As Dems struggle to raise minimum wage, an analysis of public data shows companies reaped hundreds of millions in tax breaks from last year's CARES Act. Its now unfeasible for Dems to undo bc so much $$ has gone out the door. time.com/5942697/covid-…

Sprinklr : Today's Daily Spotlight is Charlotte Alter's examination of the "rise and possible fall" of Andrew Cuomo:

"It’s a Shakespearean reversal of fortune that makes last spring’s hero-worship of the governor look naive at best and mortifying at worst" ti.me/2NLlXpF

Twitter Web App : Taking an "awe walk" can make people feel happier and healthier, according to new research—and they're a great family activity. Step outside and notice the world around you. What do you see? tfk.news/3kORiUx

Sprinklr : How to raise resilient kids ti.me/3uPx3KH

Sprinklr : Vernon Jordan, civil rights activist with close ties to Bill Clinton, dies at 85 ti.me/2OjzhRJ

Sprinklr : Press freedom group seeks to have Saudi crown prince charged over Khashoggi killing ti.me/2Pg9v1h

Sprinklr : This county tried to ensure racial equity in COVID-19 vaccinations. The state said no ti.me/3sNbPvr

Twitter Web App : "These films are shown in European film festivals, or in Western institutions, and aren’t actually shown to the people they’re made by and for and about." How new streaming service Shasha wants to bring films from the Middle East and North Africa back home time.com/5943142/shasha…

Twitter Web App : With over 100 bills that would restrict voting already moving through state legislatures, SCOTUS will hear oral arguments tomorrow morning on a case that could determine what remains of the Voting Rights Act.

My latest with Sanya Mansoor: time.com/5943138/suprem…

Sprinklr : China’s upcoming ‘Two Sessions’ might be its most important political gathering in decades

Sprinklr : "For the United States to reckon fully with Donald Trump and his legacy, white evangelical leaders and their communities must lead a deep process of inward-looking discernment," writes Charles King ti.me/3sBCStm

Sprinklr : How a Belarusian teacher and stay-at-home mom came to lead a national revolt

Sprinklr : Islamist terrorism is not done with us, warns former al Qaeda hostage Theo Padnos

Sprinklr : They're healthy. They're sustainable. So why don't humans eat more bugs? ti.me/3bUvgeG

Sprinklr : Queer Nigerians hoped the Clubhouse app would be a safe haven. It's become another breeding ground for bigotry ti.me/3r9tL2J

Sprinklr : We’re in the third quarter of the pandemic. Antarctic researchers, Mars simulation scientists and Navy submarine officers have advice for how to get through it ti.me/3r7hmwk

Sprinklr : A cricket farm in Madagascar provides insect protein for famine relief and conservation. How much further could it go? ti.me/37Vw95C

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