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Twitter Web App : I am reminded of #Bengal #Communists sanitising history books by marking parts that were unpalatable as "ashuddho" and offering "shuddho" language or editing out the truth. 😊Has a Bangla ex-Commie joined Twitter scanning team? 🤔…

Twitter Web App : Twitter must share the copy of request over the censored tweet.

Else it is just Twitter censoring ideas it doesn't want people to know under the veil of legal request.…

Twitter Web App : Please RT this thread so that it reaches maximum people. They are stilling my voice today. They will come for you tomorrow. Make no mistake. We all have to take a stand together…

Twitter Web App : Please tag all the free speech tigers from left, right and center who roar on SM and TV. Let us see if they would take a public stand against it

Twitter Web App : This is NOT the first time SM networks & Govts have used their power behind the curtain to censor history that does not toe their official Marxist line.

Is this the FOE claim to uphold? Why are all the "champions" of free speech from left, center & right SILENT on this matter?

Twitter Web App : Why are they so afraid of truth? Why do they have to exercise power & censor absolute historical facts. Is this the Freedom Of Expression they claim to uphold and protect?

Why are modern governments & SM sites acting as mere PR stooges of a foreign despot who died 400 years ago?

Twitter Web App : If Akbar's own words are so problematic why don't they ban Akbar first? These words are HIS, NOT mine. Why do they glorify him?

If Akbar's words are so problematic, why havent they banned Indian History Congress for publishing them? Why did they ban me for simply reproducing it?

Twitter Web App : Why is my tweet WITHHELD in India?

There was nothing in my tweet apart from Akbars own words which he uttered in his own Fathnama from Ajmer Sufi Dargah.

The Fathnama was translated and published by Govt held Indian History Congress.

There was nothing else at all in my tweet!

Twitter Web App : Twitter & Govt are stifling real historical truth AGAIN.

Twitter BANNED my tweet in India where I quote AKBARS EXACT words from his OWN Fathnama (published by Indian History Congress)

Twitter sent me a mail that it received legal request from Govt/law enforcement agency.

Twitter Web App : Kashmiira Kashmiri Language is indeed classified as Dardic. But Dardic is now considered a branch of Indo Aryan (North Indo Aryan or Hill Indo Aryan). Which means it also has roots in Proto Rigvedic Sanskrit. It is no longer considered as a separate branch as Grierson had once thought

Twitter Web App : Ha ha.

Is that why the foreign traveler Ibn Battuta observed- "Almost every Mμslim household of Delhi owns a Hindu slave".

Is that why he said- "The mountain Hindu Kush meaning Hindu slayer got its name from the enslaved Hindu boys and girls who died there due to extreme cold"…

Twitter Web App : One black celeb was murdered & that was enough for mobs to loot,riot. Enough for "intellectuals" to support mobs.

Hundreds of Kashmiri Hindus were murdered & entire community driven out.They NEVER burnt even a single bus in protest. Yet, these intellectuals NEVER supported them

Twitter Web App : AFTER the death of Mumtaz Mahal:

Shah Jahan had public affairs with the wives of Jafar Khan and Khalilullah Khan and many more

Jafar Khans wife was addressed by public in the court as breakfast of Shah Jahan

Khalilullah Khans wife was addressed as lunch of Shah Jahan!

Twitter Web App : AFTER the death of Mumtaz Mahal:

Shah Jahan brought a professional Sεx Workers to his harem & gave them the title of concubines.

Courtiers: Jahanpanah, such women are not worthy to be your concubines

Shah Jahan: A good article may be from any shop

Twitter Web App : Taj Mahal a monument to love?


A painting of your lover boy Shah Jahan with concubines (read sεx slaves) in Harem after death of wife Mumtaz, for whom he allegedly built Taj.

After she died giving birth to his 14th child, he had public affairs with wives of five courtiers…

Twitter Web App : 13/n
Also clear ref. of वात्स्यायन, with many other greats, is also found in an #Inscription from #Combodia of king यशोवर्मा (end of 9th c. CE).

Ref. : Indian Epigraphy (DC Sircar), p217

This proves, वात्स्यायन & #कामसूत्रम् were celebrated out of #India too

Twitter Web App : radjock Pravaaha🚩 Nope. That I am anonymous does not give you or anyone else the right to steal my research & photoshop + crop my tweet without my permission. My research that I am collating is original and I am fully entitled to protect it by law. It is very unethical of you to support plagiarism