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Android : #TrumpTrain2020

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Android : Seattle: BLM mob demands White ppl move out of neighborhood & GIVE their homes to black ppl.

This is insanity, folks! We HAVE got to stand up & start fighting back against this rage mob thinking we owe anyone anything! I worked hard to own my 2 homes!

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Android : HCQ is a very EFFECTIVE and INEXPENSIVE treatment of the CHINESE Wuhan virus. The Media and the LEFT are lying to AMERICA. If you want the truth

Analysis of 72 global studies c19study.com #c19study via Covid Analysis

Android : Yeah, I don’t think we want a president Joe Biden who has a $2 billion personal contract with China!

O‘Brien: China Is ‘Trying to Elect Joe Biden,‘ and Has ‘the Most Sophisticated Global Influence Programs‘ - Russia ‘Denigrating‘ Biden breitbart.com/clips/2020/08/… via Breitbart News

Android : Behind these bad man there are bad women that help enable and look the other way for years let them do as they wanted to others and emboldened behavior that not only was cruel but also criminal! When Joe Biden was accused 1993 guess who was also having his way with a intern!

Android : Nancy Pelosi If you look at #NancyPelosi and #JoeBiden, you can clearly see they both have early onset dementia. Anyone that has had a relative with Alzheimer’s can see it in their eyes! If you notice, Schumer has distanced himself from the 2. He knows they are losing it.

Android : Escape The Matrix Anonymous No, pumpkin. The #GeneralStrike2020 is about the LEFTIST agenda... and I hate to tell you, but you can read the comments, see the "gun control" item isn't sitting well. Nope, WE love our 2A rights. The Dems are far too centrist to advocate for anything else on this list

Android : Our tax dollars paid for white males of a government nuclear lab to go to a 3 day re-education camp to brainwash them that they are racists with white privilege.

What I would give to see someone to stand up to these bullies!

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