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Bio Wife of RJA, Mom of VRA, TV Entertainment Diversity, Inclusion & Communications Executive, PROUD Howard University Grad! ✌🏽
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Android : Im really bummed I got Cancelled, but if ya base it off the amount of boba Ive had in my lifetime alone, Im def Millennial Goals AF 😏🥤…

13th ✡︎ ancient alien in observation /// protector of all children // praise purify exorcise

TweetDeck : Men always got the attention, but the ones who were really organizing it and were really making it work were women, according to Lynne Olson. And that was true going back to the time of the time of abolitionists. #BlackWomenLead…

Instagram : My homework last night vs my wife’s ... 😳 ... I got the big camera, she got the big brain. My house keeps me real humble.…

Twitter Web App : When you hear Trump say Obama had a lousy economy and I built the greatest pays matter the check the numbers. Facts matter.…

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iPhone : Eve Totally get that. I want to throw my useless insurance card out the window because it gets me nothing in terms of mental health.

Twitter Web App : A mind that never replaces old beliefs is like a cup that never replaces old water—stale and no longer useful.

“The usefulness of a cup is in its emptiness.”
—Bruce Lee