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iPhone : Thomas Kaine Rachel Maddow MSNBC Although we’ve been off work and working from home, folks still get vacations! It’s good for us to,have more than November 3 to look forward to! She’s back tonight Thomas and we’ll all be ready. I look forward to the new strong women line up at MSNBC. Have a great day

iPhone : Family in TX writes obituary blaming Trump and republicans for killing their mother w/COVID-19.

President Donald Trump, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and other politicians who failed to take the pandemic seriously are responsible for the 79-year-old’s July 22 death, they wrote.

iPhone : Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein: “We have to recognize that we have a national emergency unlike anything in our history. That national emergency is that we have a President of the United States who is demonstrably unfit... not capable of dealing with this horrible situation.”

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iPhone : Trump said the Democrats want to stuff the relief bill with all kinds of extras and NOT ONE reporter says

"Wait a minute, Mr. President, you want a new FBI building and 300 million to redecorate the White House. How can you accuse the Democrats of what you are doing????

iPhone : No ad needed. This is devastating for Trump. Just play this.

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iPhone : Congress, if you’re listening . . . may I please make a suggestion? Subpoena Postermaster General Louis DeJoy - a multimillion $ Republican donor - & grill him on how he’s intentionally slowing mail delivery. If he fails to appear, please use your lawful inherent contempt powers.