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REVALI supremacy - Antis DNI!!!!
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Android : Helvetté You give me way too much credit. Yet I'm happy you're feeling better right now, Helvetté. Realizing your own toxic habits and overcome them is your own effort! Congrats on that. I hope u keep doing well!

Android : i cant believe twitter is free. every day i log on to post abt anime butts and a child tells me to go to jail and die

Android : // TW: gore
Just wanted to put this old thing on here too.
#eruri #ErwinSmith #LeviAckerman #AttackOnTitan #AoT #ShingekiNoKyojin #snk #art #ArtistOnTwitter

Nintendo Switch Share : He leans towards you and whispers softly in you ear: sono io, il grande Revali

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