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Bio American living and working in Balkans/Caucasus. Knitwear enthusiast. Future Comp Hist MA at CEU.
Location Tbilisi
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Android : famous but high as a weather balloon in a truck shirtless, this man is doing fame right

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Android : It won't be that hard to game, either. Colleges are desperate for money. They need the rich kids (who pay much higher tuition). They'll figure out how to use the personal stories to let in the rich kids. twitter.com/AlecStapp/stat…

Android : Fact that this interview is from 2 years ago, & that Tucker has since gone on to be worse, makes this tweet the perfect encapsulation of a lot of rose twitter. Willing to suspend all critical thinking when thrown a tiny bone from racist right wingers as long as it “owns the libs” twitter.com/rainlakuma/sta…

Android : Happy donkey. Excerpt from How a little donkey was looking for happiness Soviet animation film, 1971

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