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iPhone : I don’t ignore what they’re saying, while continuing to say whatever I want.. I don’t post apologies.. just to get on another social media to post the same.

To be a good ally... you have to listen and learn, not shut them down when they tell you what you’re saying is wrong

iPhone : You can’t use the argument, “it’s hard having a large following. People drag you for everything you say”

Actually it’s not.. I’m vocal about LBGTQ rights, discrimination against BIPOC, women’s rights etc... if I say something wrong, and someone corrects me. I don’t play victim

iPhone : DO NOT MAIL YOUR BALLOT! That time has passed! Find an authorized drop box. Vote in person. As soon as you possibly can. Spread the word please! VOTE VOTE VOTE!

iPhone : - being able to find your foundation shade at any store
- being able to commit acts of terrorism & have it be deemed as a mental breakdown
- being able to have 91% of tv shows created in 2017 feature white people
- being able to wear your hair naturally w/out being seen as dirty

iPhone : - being able to shop for your hair care products and having the entire isle dedicated to you
- being able to shop for food catered to your westernized diet
- being able to learn about your race in school
- being able to remain insulated from the daily toll of racism

iPhone : - being able to open carry without being seen as a threat
- being able to call the police in an emergency
- being able to visit a doctor/hospital and have your pain taken seriously
- being able to have flesh colored bandaids

iPhone : - being able to dye your hair whatever color you want without being labeled “ghetto”
- being able to travel throughout the US without being worried about being lynched/killed
- being able to where a hoodie outside
- being able to apply for any job without race playing a factor

iPhone : things white people take for granted:
- being able to go to any tattoo artist
- being able to casually walk through a store without being a suspect
- being able to go anywhere to get your hair done
- being able to learn about racial oppression instead of experiencing it firsthand

iPhone : Honestly I’m scared regardless of who wins. I’m terrified of another four years of him but I’m also scared at what his cult following is going to do in retaliation.…

iPhone : It’s true though..

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iPhone : This is amazing, we need to do more stuff like this for communities.

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iPhone : Like.. the ones you took, will literally be rotten by tomorrow, man. 😂 I’m just happy they didn’t smash them on my sidewalk or my porch.. AND I don’t have to clean the mess up when they do start rotting. So it’s a win/win situation for me. Lol

iPhone : Someone stole our pumpkins tonight... which I’m not even mad about.. what I’m mad about is.. these kids would rather steal 4 CARVED pumpkins, rather than walk across the street and steal 4 whole pumpkins that they can carve themselves. Lol

iPhone : “When you hear someone make a big peefee.... or when you make a big peefee “

When I say that took me out.. I mean.. THAT. TOOK. ME. OUT.…