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iPhone : Could everyone PLEASE stop sharing this video of Michael Lofthouse? He’s the founder & CEO of Solid8, a tech company based in San Francisco. If it goes viral it could hurt Michael Lofthouse and Solid8, his company. Let’s all be nice to Michael Lofthouse and Solid8.…

iPhone : Remains of the Berber/Roman city of Volubilis, Morocco, including the Arch of Caracalla and a Temple dedicated to the Capitoline Triad of Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva. The city was patronized by the Kings of Mauretania and later by the Roman Empire (2017)

iPhone : Baalbek is among the most magnificent temples in the Roman world, yet no emperor ever took credit for it & it's never mentioned in the sources. Conversely, the magnificent Emesene temple of Elah Gabal is often mentioned (by Herodian, etc.) yet no trace has ever been found (1/2)…

iPhone : Ancient India was a subject of fascination to the Greek world before & after Alexander’s campaign. From 323-185 it was home to the mighty Maurya Empire, the largest until the Mughals. The Maurya collapse prompted invasion by Greek kings from Bactria, who ruled for centuries after

Twitter Web App : Peyman Mostafaei Please don't apologize, I appreciate the question! For the moment I've decided not to monetize the podcast, etc., but I'll be sure to let people know if that changes. I'm also currently researching my first book, so I'll keep everyone updated on that effort as well. Take care