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Android : Karla Ortiz It's controversial because more often than not it has far less to do with skill and a lot more to do with hiring biases and whether or not you are good at playing the popularity game and networking with people who may or may not be in your area.

Android : Wowhead Better use all your time to farm for a mount that you'll only be able to use for 1/8th of the next expansion since they'll restrict flying again. Don't use that time for something productive because that won't make Blizzard money!!!

Android : AllAmericanGirl Tate Reeves OK Karen. You just said the mob shouldn't rule and then immediately said the flag should be decided on by the people. Which is by definition a mob. Pick your lane.

PS: masks do not reduce oxygen you twit. Doctors and nurses wear them all day and have been doing so for decades.

Android : 2Developer mary Noah Bradley Here's the thing about consent: If it's coerced through threat, intimidation, or other forms of psychological violence, then by definition it is not freely given and any subsequent intercourse constitutes rape.