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Twitter Web App : The games have (mostly) been good, the goal of finishing the season is nearly accomplished, and players and staff members appear to be healthy.

When this bubble finally bursts, however, uncertainty awaits for the NBA.

✍️ Sam Amick…

Twitter Web App : The Godfather, as Pat Riley has been known in Miami since well before his hair went white, quickly retooled the Heat into a hungry and tenacious contender.

"We’re all very thankful for The Godfather.”

David Aldridge | The Athletic…

Twitter Web App : R.J. Hampton has shot up my big board this month to where I have him in the top-10. Why? Because he’s completely re-vamped his shot in the pre-draft process.

I talked to his trainers Mike Miller and Tyler Relph, and broke down the film to explain how:…

Twitter Web App : The Heat only ran zone for two plays in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, but they were trapping and switching like they were in zone anyway. As they found themselves stuck between two schemes, the Lakers picked them apart.

New film breakdown on The Athletic NBA…

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Twitter Web App : New for The Athletic NBA:

A two-part X’s and O’s look at the Lakers-Rockets series, with the help of advanced scouts and coaches.

On Željko Obradović, hit traps, and peel switches— the chess moves that ended a Rockets era.…

Twitter Web App : Jimmy Butler was right about the Bulls.
Jimmy Butler was right about the Wolves.
Jimmy Butler was right about the Sixers.
And hes right about the Heat.


Twitter Web App : The Lakers and Heat are symbolic of the opposite reality, John Hollinger writes.

"A glamour franchise can screw up damn near everything and still basically come out of it OK..."

Why the rest of the NBA should be rooting for the Heat ⤵️…

Twitter Web App : 🆕 The Athletic NBA Show with Ethan Strauss, James Edwards III and Mo Dakhil

🏀 Firing Doc the right move?
🏀 Replay Reviews Hurting the Game
🏀 Who’s Your #1 Pick?
🏀 Finals Predictions



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Twitter Web App : Gm 1 #NBAFinals Recap!

• How do Heat slow AD?
• Who starts if Dragic cant play?
• What adjustments should Spo try?
• Anyone like this Finals logo?

The Athletic NBA:

Twitter Web App : At 75, Pat Riley is still in the ring, and his Miami Heat are again in the NBA Finals. It’s the 17th time Riley’s been there, as a player, coach or executive-and he’s just as driven as ever, w/ Jimmy Butler & new young guns in town. In The Athletic NBA:

Twitter Web App : NBA commissioner Adam Silver said there were “difficult discussions ahead” with the players’ union before the next season begins, including:

◾ Salary cap
◾ Start date
◾ Head coaching hiring practices

✍️ Joe Vardon…

Twitter Web App : "You have to get a feel for how hard Miami plays. I think they smacked us in the mouth."

How did the Lakers respond to a 25-12 Heat run to take control in Game 1?

Jared Weiss breaks down the film ⤵️…

iPhone : The Lakers handled the Heat in Game 1, and one of the keys to LAs success has been Frank Vogel. Today on The Lead, Anthony Slater on why the low-key coach is perfect for LA, both for his great defensive mind and his relationship with LeBron.

🎧 Spotify:…

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Twitter Web App : 🆕 Daily Ding with Zach Harper, Dave DuFour and Mo Dakhil

🏀 LeBron and AD crush the Heat
🏀 Hobbled Heat
🏀 Do the Heat have a chance in the series?
🏀 Can the Lakers shooting stay hot?



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Twitter Web App : The Heat already had a tough path ahead vs. the heavily favored Lakers. Now, they must also deal with multiple injuries.

✍️ Manny Navarro…

Twitter Web App : Goran Dragic, Miami’s leading playoff scorer, suffered a torn plantar fascia on Wednesday.

Will he get a cortisone injection and try to keep playing?

📽️: TSN

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Twitter Web App : "We got LeBron, but I think (Anthony Davis) is the best player in the world." - Keef Morris

AD was a "force in every facet of the game."…