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iPhone : BREAKING: New research shows migrant & BAME communities excluded from the #NHS during coronavirus

🚫The #HostileEnvironment stops Migrants seeking healthcare

🚨The Department of Health and Social Care #Covid exemption from charging is not working

🏥Migrants face a range of additional barriers to care

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iPhone : THREAD

Tonight Fatima Manji and Channel 4 News covered how the #HostileEnvironment is harming the health of migrants during the #Covid19UK pandemic.

Stand with us to ensure everyone in the UK can safely access healthcare /1 #PatientsNotPassports…

Hootsuite Inc. : SkyNews This week the government has finally published a long-awaited report on the effect of Covid-19 on ethnic minorities.

But the report contains no recommendations to protect them, despite showing that they are at increased risk. Why?

iPhone : There are inquries and there are inquiries. What we need is one that is independent, happens in time to learn lessons for a future wave, and has proper terms of reference.

Government will want a whitewash - and without judicial control they will get one.……

Hootsuite Inc. : A section suggesting that "discrimination and poorer life chances were playing a part in the increased risk of #COVID19" in #BAME group “did not survive contact with Matt Hancock’s office over the weekend".…

Twitter Web App : The Public Health England s delayed report confirms the inequality in #COVID19 mortality between ethnic groups: #BAME groups had 10-50% higher risk of death compared to White British.

This is why we need to take immediate steps to safeguard vulnerable groups.

Hootsuite Inc. : It is worrying that the report on the effect of COVID-19 on ethnic minorities still remains unpublished Matt Hancock. The impact on these groups is disproportionate.

We need to take action to protect the vulnerable - and we cant do it blind.

Android : BREAKING: Whitehall sources tell me Public Health England review into BAME ppl disproportionately being affected by #COVID19 is delayed for 2nd time because No 10 is “worried about current global events”. They say it’s in “too close proximity” to the #BlackLivesMatterUK protests. More SkyNews

Android : In further delaying the publication of the report, citing global issues such as racial tensions in the USA, the government is signalling how out of touch it is with the concerns of the BAME community.

DAUK chair Dr Rinesh Parmar in Doctors_net_uk