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Hootsuite Inc. : '#OverseasNHSWorkersDay [takes] the opportunity to recognise the extraordinary contribution made in the fight against COVID-19 by those who have migrated to the UK.'

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Twitter Web App : DAUK's Rosie Shire 💙 '[calls] for flexibility and greater transparency about the delivery of the #vaccine'

“If there was more information about what we were getting, we could plan better. You only find out the week before. If you had enough notice you’d book the right amount"

Hootsuite Inc. : Dr Katie Sanderson on LBC
Matt Hancock ‘I won’t apologise because to apologise would imply that I’d do something differently’

How are we going to learn from this if we can’t be honest about what happened?

This is a pandemic not an election

iPhone : NHS are battered and bruised, many are saying they can’t carry on after the pandemic. NHS staff need:

💙 hot foot 24/7

💙 staffs room to rest

💙 free parking

💙 no further pay cuts

If we don’t look after them now there will be no-one left or look after patients. Please RT.

iPhone : This needs to be the norm for all staff doing nights in the nhs. It should be so normal that no one would have to tweet this as an example of good practice.…

iPhone : The Health Secretary is trying to rewrite history on PPE shortages.

Time for the truth.

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iPhone : At a time when we are still mourning colleagues this a gross insult. And frankly, saying there was no PPE shortage is a bare-faced lie.

As someone who had to read through emails from doctors who begged for PPE before they died I am so upset by this.…

iPhone : I am just gutted to hear so many of my colleagues planning to leave the NHS when this is all over. If we don’t start looking after people now, we will lose them. It is great we have more nurses signing up but we cannot afford to lose experienced staff, Matt Hancock please listen.

Twitter Web App : 3/3 PPE supplies to the frontline are no laughing matter Mr Hancock, "when almost 900 of our fellow health and social care colleagues have died from COVID almost certainly caught at work!"

Twitter Web App : 2/3 In Matt Hancocks latest interview "He came out all guns blazing, laughing it off, running down the studio clock by saying his focus during Spring 2020 had been on “saving lives” and working tirelessly to procure the best PPE, as if that made the law breaking okay."

Twitter Web App : 1/3 Following the ruling last week by Judge Chamberlain, "the secretary of state failed to comply with the Transparency Policy," there has been no apology from Matt Hancock, no acknowledgement of any wrong doing.

david oliver interviewed here 💪…

Twitter Web App : DAUK call for inquiry into PPE shortages
- Reusing gowns
- Care home staff reusing masks
- Experts informed MPS they failed in securing enough PPE
- School workshops creating face shields
- >1000 doctors reported PPE shortages on an app…