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Android : 🚀#NEMhub is about to launch, the #blockchain renaissance is here - #Symbol is coming! Are you ready to BUZZ with the global NEM`s community?

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Twitter Web App : #HODLORN

At the core of OrionProtocol is the $ORN token.

Holding ORN unlocks a range of benefits:
✅ Discounted Trading
✅ Advanced Features
✅ Priority Access
✅ dApp Marketplace Access
✅ Staking Returns

Learn more: blog.orionprotocol.io/holdorn

Twitter Web App : 🔸7. 7. #DOGECOIN pump 👇

🔹11. 7. Elon Musk climbed past Warren Buffett on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index to become the world's seventh wealthiest person.

CEO of $DOGE in the climb for 1st 🤡 pic.twitter.com/4Xue0rPfbH

iPhone : Had a quite interesting conversation with Blocktrainer about crowdfunding and the #crypto industry in general.

Good to see that the #DACH community is lead by people a high degree of integrity.


Twitter Web App : Dan Yanev Balancer Labs We've made a point of poor $COMP distribution too, and it is far from perfect. Still, that 'airdrop' has increased deposits of non-manipulated assets by several-fold.

It's at least somewhat aligned with the underlying business's success.

Twitter Web App : Unprecedented 🧢 Ace Balancer Labs We did not make a comparison between the valuation of Balancer and Tagomi.

Tagomi is quite clearly mentioned only to show the scale of the value being expensed in this 'airdrop.' Given that your comprehension is weak and hence cannot add value to the thread, don't comment again

Twitter Web App : 5/5 ... & subsidies that make the trading fees for those tokens just 0.01% for months.

Instead, Balancer has incentivized merely depositing anything, regardless of whether or not it boosts the underlying business in the longterm, and hence became a transient ground for farming.

Twitter Web App : 4/5 Compound's product is lending.
Just depositing tokens and providing liquidity is sufficient for the underlying business to grow.

Balancer's product is the swap.
#BAL airdrop should be an incentive for ONLY deposits of tokens that have high trading demand...

Twitter Web App : 3/5 Arguments that growth will be steady are weak. The #COMP 'airdrop' by Compound Labs allowed #DeFi lending to quickly dominate CeFi.

Meanwhile, #BAL airdrop hasn't even allowed Balancer to dominate DEX markets. Problem lies in misappropriating the qualification for BAL.

Twitter Web App : 2/5 Balancer has little to show when it comes to assets that have high trading demand. Tokens with highest market caps lack liquidity to support even a tiny fraction of their daily volume.

Instead, Balancer is on its way to become another stablecoin swap pool, and nothing more.

Twitter Web App : 1/5 Balancer Labs is rewarding liquidity providers with around $1.5M - $2M /week. It has been doing so for weeks.

On an annualized basis, this campaign costs 70M - 100M. To understand how great an expense this is, Coinbase acquired the leading prime broker, Tagomi, for $100M.

Twitter Web App : 🐸Trending Searches On CoinGecko this week

- $DMG still on top for 3 weeks in a row
- $VET $ERD, and $DOGE climbed the ladder the most compared to last week
- $BAND $FRM $XLM $DAM $STAKE $AKRO $RLC welcome to the trading list
- Big caps like $LINK $ADA $BTC $ETH are coming back

Twitter Web App : 📰Co-creator of #Bitcoin #Ponzi scheme #BitClub pleads guilty

- The Romanian programmer confirmed that BitClub defrauded its victims of at least $722 million in #BTC.
- He is now facing up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000



Twitter Web App : - #Douyin, #China's version of #TikTok, is tightly controlled; as #crypto trading is illegal in-country, it will likely not get much traction.
- #TRON's Justin Sun has signaled an interest in promoting his token on the platform.