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iPhone : Health care is on the ballot. LGBTQ rights, voting rights, and workers’ rights are on the ballot. The future of our planet is on the ballot. And we must send a clear message to Trump and every one of his Republican enablers by voting them out of office.

iPhone : This vote is a disgrace to our democracy and a betrayal of the American people’s wishes. That’s why voters are already flocking to the polls and mailing in their ballots in record numbers to send Donald Trump packing. They understand what’s at stake in this election.

iPhone : They’ve given up on trying to control the coronavirus and instead, they’re fighting in court to remove protections for people with preexisting conditions.

iPhone : Eight days before an election, Trump and Republicans have ignored the will of the American people and forced through a nominee who represents the gravest threat to health care and reproductive rights in a generation.

Twitter Web App : The rushed and unprecedented confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett as Associate Justice to the Supreme Court, in the middle of an ongoing election, should be a stark reminder to every American that your vote matters.…

Sprout Social : We can’t allow Trump and Senate Republicans to rip health care away from over 23 million Americans and protections for as many as 133 million Americans with preexisting conditions. Vote to elect Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Democrats who will fight to protect & expand your care.

Twitter Media Studio : Marisol saw a need for a higher investment in education so she rallied teachers across the country to stand up and strike. Her cause started with just her own voice, but as she reached out to more educators, the strike became a strong movement that swept the country.

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Sprout Social : If you know anyone thinking about sitting this election out, don’t be complacent. Reach out and tell them why you’re voting and what’s at stake. And then encourage them to make a plan to vote.

Sprout Social : We can’t afford to leave any vote to chance. Call every single person you know and make sure they’ve added their voice to the most consequential election of our lifetime.

Sprout Social : The Senate GOP is rushing a vote to appoint a Supreme Court justice who will solidify a 6-3 conservative majority, and will likely cast a vote to overturn the Affordable Care Act. Meanwhile, Trump and the GOP still don’t have a comprehensive health care plan to replace it.

Sprout Social : Our health care is on the line. Vote to protect it and voice your opposition to the GOP’s heartless attempts to take away your health care in the middle of a pandemic.…

Sprout Social : Don’t stop at the top of the ballot. We need to take back the Senate, hold the House, and win seats down the ballot to protect our health care, our planet, our economy, and so much more.

Sprout Social : America is on track to have the highest voter turnout since 1908. Let’s break this record and ensure every eligible voter votes. Call every person you know and encourage them to get out and go vote.

Sprout Social : If you haven’t returned your ballot, return it as soon as possible. Make sure your voice is heard.…

Sprout Social : We’ve already broken early voter turnout records, but why stop there? Let’s make sure every eligible voter votes. Call your friends, family, acquaintances — talk to everyone you can and make sure they vote.

Sprout Social : .Candace Valenzuela knows firsthand the struggle families face trying to put food on the table, keep a roof over their heads, and pay for health care. And once elected to Congress, she’ll be a champion for children and families. Help her flip this seat:…

Sprout Social : Make a plan to vote and pledge to “stick” to it with our holographic “I Will Vote” sticker:…

Twitter Media Studio : Rick was one of the countless American farmers who thought he could count on Trump to protect farmers interests only to feel the devastating effects of Trump’s failed policies.

Rick decided to speak out and his voice had a ripple effect in his own community.

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