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Sprout Social : For 85 years, Social Security has ensured that Americans enjoy a retirement with guaranteed peace of mind.

As COVID-19 threatens the futures of older Americans, that right has never been more vital.

And yet, it has never been more vulnerable.

Join us:…

Sprout Social : Trump admitted he’s *deliberately* underfunding the USPS to sabotage the election. From his attacks on vote-by-mail to his attacks on the USPS, Trump wants to make it harder to vote simply because he thinks it will help his reelection chances.

Sprout Social : This pandemic is exacerbating the pay gap. From day one, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will implement the systemic changes outlined in Joe’s #BuildBackBetter economic plan to immediately respond to this pandemic and close the existing racial gaps.

Sprout Social : We’re averaging over 1,000 deaths per day. Our economy is in recession. Nearly 1 million workers filed for unemployment claims last week and nearly 30 million Americans are out of work. We need new leadership to tackle this pandemic and recover our economy.

Sprout Social : We need an administration that can take this suffering economy, help it recover, and build it back better. Joe Biden has led our country out of recession before and with Kamala Harris by his side, they’ll build back a stronger and more equitable economy that works for everyone.

Sprout Social : A large part of what defines the Democratic party are the women leading it. They are a true representation of the people and continue to fight for repairing the values shared throughout this country.

Sprout Social : PODERPAC is delighted to endorse Vice President Biden and Senator Harris in their campaign to take the White House this November!

Sprout Social : Today is #BlackWomensEqualPayDay — the average day a Black woman must work until to earn the salary a white man earned in the previous year. Democrats will keep fighting to close racial and gender pay gaps and ensure pay equity.

Sprout Social : Trump has openly threatened to cut funding for Social Security and Medicare once reelected. Democrats won’t let that happen. We’ll protect these programs and ensure Trump doesn’t get another four years to advance his hurtful agenda.

Sprout Social : The Trump administration thinks voting rights are a “liberal wishlist.”

We think they are essential, democratic rights.…

Sprout Social : Our senior citizens should be able to retire with dignity, but Trump is trying to jeopardize their Social Security benefits by proposing to permanently eliminate its main source of funding.

Sprout Social : Whether it's taking on the big banks or pushing for marriage equality—Kamala never shies away from fighting tooth and nail for what's right. It's why I chose her to be my running mate.

She'll wake up every day thinking about how to make life better for the people of our country.

Sprout Social : In 83 days, voters can elect a ticket that will get to work from day one. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the duo best equipped to recover our economy from recession and respond to the cries for racial justice that are ringing across our nation.